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The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
Sveriges Riksbank’s Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel was established in connection with the Riksbank’s 300th anniversary in 1968. The prize is awarded every year to a person or persons in the field of economic sciences who have produced work of outstanding importance. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences chooses the prizewinner(s) according to the same principles as for the Nobel Prizes. The prize amount is the same as for the Nobel Prizes, 10 million, and is paid by the Riksbank. If there is more than one winner, the prize amount is shared equally between them.
Sveriges Riksbank's Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2006
Sveriges Riksbank's Prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel was awarded in 2006 to Edmund S. Phelps, Columbia University, NY, USA. His work has deepened our understanding of the relation between short-run and long-run effects of economic policy. These contributions have had a decisive impact on research as well as policy.
Edmund S. Phelps, born 1933 in Evanston, IL,USA (US citizen). PhD in economics in 1959 from Yale University, CT, USA. McVickar Professor of Political Economy at Columbia University, NY, USA. 
Previous prizewinners
1969 R. Frisch och J. Tinbergen
1970 P. A. Samuelson
1971 S. Kuznets
1972 J.R. Hicks and K.J. Arrow
1973 W. Leontief
1974 G. Myrdal och F.A. von Hayek
1975 L.V. Kantorovich och T.C. Koopmans
1976 M. Friedman
1977 B. Ohlin and J.E. Meade
1978 H.A. Simon
1979 T.W. Schultz and A. Lewis
1980 L.R. Klein
1981 J. Tobin
1982 G.J. Stigler
1983 G. Debreu
1984 R. Stone
1985 F. Modigliani
1986 J.M. Buchanan Jr
1987 R.M. Solow
1988 M. Allais
1989 T. Haavelmo
1990 H.M. Markowitz, M.H. Miller and W.F. Sharpe
1991 R.H. Coase
1992 G.S. Becker
1993 R.W. Fogel and D.C. North
1994 J.C. Harsanyi, J.F. Nash Jr och R. Selten
1995 R.E. Lucas, Jr.
1996 J.A. Mirrlees and W. Vickrey
1997 R.C. Merton and M.S. Scholes
1998 A. Sen
1999 R.A. Mundell
2000 J.J. Heckman and D.L. McFadden
2001 G.A. Akerlof, A.M. Spence and J.E. Stiglitz
2002 D. Kahneman and V. L. Smith
2003 R.F. Engle and C.W.J. Granger
2004 Finn E. Kydland and Edward C. Prescott
2005 Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling
2006 Edmund S. Phelps

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