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18 Apr 2006 - 29 Mar 2010
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Picture and information on the new 50- and 1000-krona note
As of 15 March 2006, new, more secure versions of the 50 and 1,000 krona banknotes will be legal tender. The new banknotes will be similar to the older versions, but will have several new security features making them more difficult to counterfeit.
What will happen to the older 50 and 1,000 krona banknotes?
The older versions will continue to be legal tender.
What are the new security features?
1. The foil strip – it contains a hologram (three-dimensional image) which, for example, shows the denomination and a rose (the 50-krona note) or a ship (the 1,000-krona note).
2. The see-through picture – this is a pattern showing the deno-mination when the note is held up to the light.
3. Motion (a moving image in the striped band) – it shows the de-nomination of 1,000 kronor and a crown that appears to move when the note is tilted. This feature applies only to the 1,000-krona note.
Examples of other security features
4. The watermark – it is visible from the front and back of the banknote when it is held up to the light. The watermark shows the banknote’s denomination and portrait.
5. The security thread – it will be visible as a dark line when the note is held up to the light. The security thread contains text stating the denomination of the note and the word "kronor".
6. Intaglio – this gives the denomination and portrait on the front of the note a raised, rough surface. Feel it with your thumb or scrape it with your fingernail.

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