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18 Jun 2004 - 19 Apr 2012
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High turnover in the payment system
The RIX system has a weekly turnover that corresponds to the entire Swedish annual gross domestic product, GDP.
Card transactions on the increase
Since the 1990s the number of transactions using cards has increased sixfold. Cards now account for 50 per cent of the total number of transactions. The use of cheques has gradually declined and is currently negligible.

Financial stability
One of the Riksbank's core functions is to promote a safe and efficient payment system. The payment system is important for all economic activities and is a central component of the financial system. For that reason the Riksbank regularly analyses the risks and threats to the stability of the Swedish financial system. The purpose of this analysis is to detect changes and vulnerabilities that could lead to a serious crisis. The major Swedish banks have particular significance in the analysis. The Riksbank's assessment of stability is published twice yearly in the Financial Stability Report. READ MORE
The Financial Stability Report
The latest Financial Stability Report
In the latest Financial Stability Report from November 2005, the risks of disruptions in the Swedish financial system are deemed to be limited. The banks' profitability and capital strength mean that their ability to deal with unexpected loan losses is good. The risk that the banks will be hit by large loan losses in the coming year is small. The household sector has continued to increase its borrowing at a fast rate and this could give rise to problems for individual households, but it does not entail any risk to the payment system and the banks' stability.

The latest Report also includes two articles. The first describes the road towards an internal market for financial services. The second article analyses developments in house prices in Sweden and abroad.
What do we do if a financial crisis occurs?
A financial crisis can arise unexpectedly and spread rapidly. Good preparations for crisis management may prove crucial in an emergency situation. Among other things, it is vital to have effective communication channels with both Swedish and foreign authorities.
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