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16 Oct 2006
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The Research Division regularly receives guests from both central banks and universities. These guests present their research at a seminar and participate in meetings with Riksbank employees from various fields, not just within the Research Division. Guest researchers usually spend around a week at the Riksbank, although there are occasionally longer visits of six months or a year.
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Kai Leitemo, Norges Bank, November 15-19.
Jeffery Amato, Bank for International Settlements, November 10-16.
Jamie McAndrews, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, June 14-18.
Juha Tarkka, Bank of Finland, June 15–16.
Anthony Saunders, New York University, June 9–10.
Marc Saidenberg, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, June 7-11.
Eric Leeper, Indiana University, May 31-June 4.
Henrik Hansen, University of Copenhagen, April 19-22.
David Mayes, Bank of Finland, February 1-3.
Frank Smets, European Central Bank, January 25-28.
Ragnar Nymoen, Oslo University, January 20-22.
Gabriela Mundaca, Norges Bank, January 12.

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