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Historical Monetary Statistics
The focus of this project has been to construct long time series of high quality for consumer prices, nominal bond yields, monetary aggregates, indicators of real activity (GDP), exchange rates, stock price indices, house prices and bank lending. These variables are of central importance for price stability and financial stability, the two main areas of responsibility for central banks.
Norges Bank Occasional Papers No 35 "Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway 1819-2003" provides a detailed documentation of the historical database as of June 2004. The data are available in spreadsheet format under each chapter below. We will also provide information about updates and revisions of the database.
Norges Bank Occasional Papers No 35
Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway from 1819
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The chapters 
Ch.1 Introduction
Ch.2 Historical perspective
Ch.3 Concumer price index
Ch.4 Bond yields
Ch.5 Monetary aggregates
Ch.6 Gross domestic product
Ch.7 Exchange rate
Ch.8 Stock price indices
Ch.9 House price indces
Ch.10 Credit, banking etc

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