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8 May 2006 - 17 Jan 2010
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A Simple Model of Credit Cycles
Giovanni Favara, IIES & Stockholm University
10 May

The transmission mechanism in a changing world
Ana Beatriz Galvão, Ibmec São Paulo (joint with Michael Artis and Massimiliano Marcellino), 
27 April
‘Large’ vs. ‘small’ players: A closer look at the dynamics of speculative attack  
Dagfinn Rime, Norges Bank (joint with Geir H. Bjønnes, Steinar Holden and Haakon Solheim),
22 April

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Euler Equations with an Application to New Keynesian Pricing
André Kurmann, Université du Québec à Montréal
18 April
Modern Forecasting Models in Action: Improving Macroeconomic Analyses at Central Banks
Michael Andersson, Jesper Lindé, Mattias Villani, Anders Vredin
15 April
The Kydland and Prescott Legacy
Luca Sala, IGIER & U. Bocconi (joint with Domenico Giannone and Lucrezia Reichlin)
13 April

Inflation Targets as Focal Points
Maria Demertzis, De Nederlandsche Bank and U. of Amsterdam (joint with Nicola Viegi, U. of KwaZulu Natal)
5 April
The pitfalls of collective economic decisions
Carl Andreas Claussen, Norges Bank
22 March
The Bank Capital Channel of Monetary Policy: Do Monetary Policy Effects on Bank Lending Depend on Bank Capitalization
Skander van den Heuvel, Wharton, Univ. of Pennsylvania
15 March
A unified view of some predictability tests
Stanislav Anatolyev, New Economic School, Moscow and Bank of Finland
8 March
Exchange rates and asymmetric shocks in small open economies
Erik Post, Uppsala University (co-author Annika Alexius, Uppsala University)
22 Febrary
Two-sided network effects, interchange fees and the allocation of fixed costs
Mats Bergman, Konkurrensverket och Stockholms University
15 February 
Excessive Interest Rate Smoothing in Taylor Rules: Causes and Consequences
Pär Österholm, Sveriges Riksbank och Uppsala University, Peter Welz, Uppsala University
1 February
Are Constant Interest Rate Forecasts Modest Interventions? Evidence from an Estimated Open Economy DSGE Model of the Euro Area
Malin Adolfson, Stefan Laséen, Jesper Lindé & Mattias Villani
25 January 
Skewed Pricing in Two-Sided Markets: An IO Approach
Wilko Bolt, De Nederlandsche Bank,
18 January
Bayesian Estimation of an Open Economy DSGE Model with Incomplete Pass-Through
Malin Adolfsson, Stefan Laséen, Jesper Lindé och Mattias Villani, Sveriges Riksbank
11 january

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