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22 Aug 2004 - 02 May 2019
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All 10-kronor coins minted from 1991 onwards are legal tender.
Uppdated 10-krona 2001 -
The front of the updated 10-krona coin (obverse) shows a portrait of King Carl XVI Gustaf and the text "CARL XVI GUSTAF SVERIGES KONUNG" (Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden). Under the portrait is the year the coin was struck.
On the back of the coin (reverse) is the figure "10" and the lesser national coat of arms without the escutcheon. At the top of the coin is the King's motto "FÖR SVERIGE - I TIDEN" (For Sweden - With the times) and beneath this is "KRONOR". The edge of the coin is partly smooth, partly milled.
The side with the denomination also carries two small letters. The letter on the left is for the place where the coin was struck (E for Eskilstuna). The letter on the right is the first letter of the Riksbank Governor's surname.
The coin is designed by artists Ernst Nordin and Marita Norin.
MetalAlloy of 89 % copper, 5 % aluminium, 5 % zinc och 1 % tin
Weight6.60 grammes
Diameter20.5 millimetres
Border thickness2.9 millimetres
10-krona 1991-

The coin, of a golden hue, shows the portrait of the King who sat for the sculptor Marita Nordin. The surrounding text "CARL XVI GUSTAF SVERIGES KONUNG" (The King of Sweden) - together with his motto "FÖR SVERIGE I TIDEN" is engraved, creating a relief effect.
The alloy contains no nickel. The combination of the various metals produces a unique conductivity perceptible to coin-machines.
MetalAlloy of 89 % copper, 5 % aluminium, 5 % zinc och 1 % tin
Weight6.60 grammes
Diameter20.5 millimetres
Border thickness2.90 millimetres

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