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Jubilee and commemorative coins
Ordering the most recently-issued commemorative coin
The most recently-issued commemorative coin is the one commemorating 150 years of Swedish rail, further information on how to order the coin can be found under the heading 21st century in the menu on the left.
In November 1991, the Executive Board of the Riksbank established certain guidelines for issuing jubilee and commemorative coins, which state that:
The motif shall be chosen so that the coin is seen to support and give an official seal to the commemoration of an event that can be regarded as a national celebration.

The coins are usually minted in silver or gold with a nominal value of SEK 200 and SEK 2,000 respectively, but they can also be minted in other metals, although they shall then be clearly distinguishable from ordinary coins in size and design.

The coins are minted at a surplus value slightly above the nominal value; the price is set by the Riksbank.

Coins in silver and gold are usually minted in editions limited to a maximum of 100,000 silver coins and 10,000 gold coins a year, distributed over two issues a year. The Riksbank decides on the motif, design and maximum edition for each coin, after consultation with Nordic Coin AB Svenska Myntverket.
Sales of jubilee and commemorative coins
New jubilee and commemorative coins can be purchased from Nordic Coin AB Svenska Myntverket through its website, see link at the bottom of the page, by telephone +46 16 42 81 00 or by fax +46 16 42 81 20.
Jubilee and commemorative coins issued earlier
Over the years, the Riksbank has issued a number of different jubilee and commemorative coins. Pictures and information on coins from the 21st century can be found in the menu on the left under 21st century.
Low resolution and high resolution pictures
Low resolution and high resolution pictures of jubilee and commemorative coins from the 21st century can be found in the menu on the left, under press photos.
If you are interested in pictures and information on jubilee and commemorative coins issued earlier (from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries), this can only be found on the Swedish part of the website under “sedlar & mynt/mynt/jubileums- och minnesmynt”.

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