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The Riksbank’s statute book

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1/15/20042003:2 The Riksbank’s regulations and general guidelines (RBFS 2003:2) on the reporting by institutions of money and banking statistics | 142 Kb
12/23/20022002:4 The Riksbank’s regulations on the obligation to report information to the Riksbank for its balance-of-payments and international-investment-position statistics (RBFS 2002:4) | 26 Kb
7/1/20022002:2 Notification of information regarding the Riksbank’s reference rate | 19 Kb
12/12/20002000:2 The Riksbank's notification of the interest rate terms applied to lending and deposits | 20 Kb
3/25/19941994:1 Notification by the Riksbank regarding minimum reserve requirements for limited liability banks, savings banks, central cooperative banks, branches of foreign banks in Sweden | 21 Kb
10/21/19931993:5 Notification by the Riksbank of the regulations applying to the redemption of damaged banknotes, etc | 23 Kb
12/5/19911991:10 A:57 Regulations regarding a change in the Riksbank’s notification (RBFS 1987:3, A:17) of the issuing of one-hundred kronor banknotes | 22 Kb
2/20/19871987:3 Notification by the Riksbank on issuing banknotes denominated in one-hundred kronor | 23 Kb

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