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That's Crazy Hot! 
291 days ago
That's Crazy Hot is a bibliography generator, it differentiates from other citation machines in that you type only the ISBN to get the full citation in MLA, APA, AMA, or Chicago format.

I got the idea from Seth Godin's blog post on Stuck Systems. I figured I could make something as he described in a few days, plus it would be a great way to dive into Amazon's API, and develop my XML parsing skills.

The problem with this application is that it really doesn't CHANGE anything. The real goal here is to shift "the standard" as Seth says, or change the current Works Cited into simply:, a permanent URL where the teacher/reader can access more resources on the book, including Google's searchable book depository.

The application is on the right track, but I had to build the current way of building bibliographies into the system (APA, MLA, etc...) to ween people into the new paradigm, that is simply a URL, and what better URL for academic purposes than one that starts with "thatscrazyhot"?

Right now, the application only provides links to Amazon's detail page on each book. Soon, it will link to Google's search results, and Google books, and publisher pages, and more details of each author, and anything and everything that will help teachers/readers find out more about the sources.