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4 Jun 2003 - 28 Feb 2009
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The Economist Group offers two types of internships: journalism internships based at The Economist and research internships based at the Economist Intelligence UnitThe Group does not offer any other internships or work experience programmes. 

The Economist
The Economist is a weekly paper of news, ideas, opinion and analysis. With its head quarters based in London, it is printed in six countries and published on the internet, with more than 80% of its circulation outside the United Kingdom. Because of its independent and international editorial perspective, it is read by more of the world's political and business leaders than any other magazine. Editorial independence is at the heart of The Economist. The principle of anonymity is also central to the paper's philosophy. The Economist has no by-lines, because it believes that what is written is more important than who writes it.

Journalism internships with The Economist
The Economist Intelligence Unit
The Economist Intelligence Unit’s comprehensive portfolio of country analysis provides information that businesses, governments and international organisations need in their dealings with individual countries. The combination of independence, global coverage, consistency and frequency is unrivalled. The office based in London produces a wide range of political and economic analysis and forecasts for over 200 countries.

Research internships with the Economist Intelligence Unit
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