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20 Aug 2006 - 04 Feb 2007
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Mathematics Foundation Series
Mathematics Foundation Series is a comprehensive mathematics study tool for middle-school students. The Series has been especially adapted from the award-winning international mathematics educational series of Encyclopædia Britannica, a focussed learning tool with the mark of excellence.
A sound foundation to the principles, methods, and rules of mathematics is the essence of grasping the subject. The Series explains mathematical concepts through everyday situations. It brings to the young and questioning mind a friendly and stimulating approach to the learning and practising of mathematics.
The series comprises 40 books - 10 books for each class level.

The books covers 3 broad divisions - arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

Arithmetic deals with representations of numbers - fractions, decimals, per cents, and ratios - and the connections between these representations.

Algebra explores changes and variations, beginning with patterns and extending through formal algebraic symbols and expressions.

Geometry develops ideas of shape, space, and movement, and focuses on real-world exploration instead of formal proofs.
Each book contains four to eight sections. Sections include short descriptions of scenarios and related problems for students to solve. Mathematical concepts are explained, using everyday situations. A section ends with a summary, wherein problems help students apply what they've learned.
The main concepts of the book are reinforced in the Try This! section, which has activities on each section of the unit. These may be used as homework assignments or as assessment tools.
The Solutions and Samples section contains the answers as well as relevant, additional information.
Although the books are divided into subjects, the mathematical content is interwoven from subject to subject. For example, the algebra and geometry units rely heavily on skills and understanding developed in the arithmetic unit. Similarly geometry and arithmetic also rely heavily on the concepts developed in the algebra units.

Value Addition
The series encourages students to think about mathematics in different ways and situations. This curriculum helps them develop their thinking and reasoning skills.

It covers a broader range of topics that are explored in greater depth than most mathematics textbooks available in the market.

It uses realistic examples and situations as a basis for understanding the concepts of maths.
The Philosophy of MFS
It is designed to develop students' mathematical abilities with understanding at the following levels:

Conceptual knowledge: includes applying traditional mathematical skills and knowledge, such as definitions, technical skills, and standard algorithms.

Reasoning, Communicating, Thinking and making Connections: includes integrating concepts, making connections between concepts from different strands, and using mathematics to communicate.

Non-routine Problem Solving, Analysing and Generalizing: includes being creative, modelling a situation, mathematizing (extracting the mathematics in a situation and using it to solve a problem), and interpreting and organizing data.

Price: 750/- (INR) inclusive of all taxes.
For further details e-mail us at shop@ebindia.com or call us at +91 - 11 - 41828194-97
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