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11 Nov 2006
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Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema
There is nothing quite like Hindi cinema anywhere in the world. As more and more Mumbai filmmakers recognize the need to use the medium with greater intelligence and precision, scholars of mass culture have begun to perceive Hindi films not merely as vehicles of undemanding assembly-line entertainment but also as robustly colourful celebrations of the cultural and musical mosaic that is India. This exhaustive encyclopaedia looks as much at the trends and techniques of filmmaking in Mumbai as at the personalities who shaped the industry into what it is today.
The Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema seeks to capture some of the excitement of Hindi films by presenting a holistic, informed view of India’s popular cinema. Starting off with a historical analysis of Hindi films in the form of seven essays, the book goes on to provide insights into various aspects of the industry’s internal dynamics. The book brings together an array of experts, who either have first-hand knowledge of the craft of filmmaking or have observed the industry from close quarters for decades. The idea is to capture the big picture in a manner that is both informative and entertaining, and not proffer a dry, clinical study of Hindi films.
With that end in mind, the encyclopaedia focuses as much on the stars and directors as it does on films and movements. Indeed, the book is rounded off with a comprehensive section that throws light on the work of the towering individuals whose contributions to Hindi cinema in their respective areas of specialization have been second to none. One unique section of the encyclopaedia, the Milestones, is devoted entirely to interviews with legendary Hindi film personalities. The interview with Ashok Kumar was completed a few weeks before the demise of the respected actor.
Produced under the editorial guidance of Gulzar, Govind Nihalani and Saibal Chatterjee
Thirty-four essays written by an array of experts who provide insights into various aspects of the industry’s internal dynamics
Twenty-one milestones that bring interviews with those legendary personalities who have influenced the dynamics of the industry
Two hundred biographies that provide informative snapshots of leading film personalities and their important films

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