Human Body
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23 Aug 2006 - 06 May 2007
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Human Body
Chatting and laughing with friends, eating a dish of macaroni and cheese, seeing the colours of spring blossoms, and smelling their fragrance -- what do all these activities have in common? They involve the life processes that are constantly going on in the human body. In the Human Body program, you will discover how people grow and develop, receive information from the environment, make their muscles move, obtain energy from food, transport materials within their body, and combat disease. The program presents a virtual museum with interactive exhibits and information in the form of photographs, full-screen video, narrated text, and 3-D models and simulations, including an exciting virtual journey through the circulatory system.

Combining these exhibits with project-oriented investigations, facilities for customizing the program's information, access to productivity tools, and direct links to related Internet sites, Human Body offers a focused, interactive environment for exploring the health, structure, and processes of the human body.
The rationale
The program is developed to enable students, between ten and fifteen years of age, learn about the different life processes. Human Body is organized to illustrate and explain the bodily functions of human beings. This program uniquely combines health issues, medical technology, historical events in medicine, and biological information. The knowledge base is organized around six topics: Growth and Development, Energy, Defence, Circulation, Information Processing, and Movement.
The objectives of this program are:

Price: 399/- (INR) inclusive of all taxes.
For further details e-mail us at or call us at +91 - 11 - 41828194-97
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