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Britannica 2007 Ultimate Reference Suite DVD
Britannica 2007 Deluxe Edition CD-ROM
Limited edition - Dark blue fibred leather binding - Free delivery within Australia
32 volumes with over 44 million words, bound in fibered leather Renaissance binding.

Over 65,000 articles with 35% revision in the past 3 years.

Many new and revised articles cover subjects relative to today's world such as "Genetics" and "SARS".
The 32 volume Encyclopaedia Britannica Print Set is a magnificent reference resource, compiled by the world's leading scholars and experts. What makes this particular set so distinctive is the Limited Edition Renaissance Binding. Finished in dark blue fibred leather, richly padded with gold accents and embossing, this magnificent set will be treasured for a lifetime.  The staggering depth of content and information will constantly amaze and impress you.
In an age when anyone can post a version of the facts on the Internet, Encyclopaedia Britannica maintains its reputation as today's most reliable source of knowledge, commentary and thinking. More on the Renaissance print set
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