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Stability analysis
An important task for the Riksbank is to regularly monitor and analyse risks and threats to the stability of the financial system. The Riksbank's overall assessment of stability is published twice yearly in the Financial Stability Report. The purpose of the analysis is to detect at an early stage any trends or vulnerabilities that could together lead to a serious crisis in the Swedish financial system.
The Financial Stability Report includes an assessment of the international factors that might affect stability in the Swedish financial sector.
The major banking groups are a key element of the analysis. They are central participants in the financial system in general and in the payment system in particular. This is partly because the banks implement various payment services and supply the accounts through which many payment transactions are made. A very large part of the analysis therefore concentrates on overall developments in the four major banks, Föreningssparbanken, Nordea, SEB and Svenska Handelsbanken.
This entails both an analysis of the developments within the banks themselves and of the ability to pay among their main borrower categories – the household and corporate sectors. As a large percentage of the loans granted by the Swedish banking groups have property as collateral, developments in the property sector comprise an important part of the analysis.
The report also contains an analysis of developments in the financial infrastructure – the system of instruments and technical and administrative systems that constitute the circulatory system of the Swedish financial sector.
The Financial Stability Report also contains a couple of more detailed articles. These can be in-depth articles on a particular factual field or issues related to financial stability where the Riksbank wishes to clarify its policy.
If you wish to read the Riksbank's most recent stability assessment or an earlier issue of the Financial Stability Report, see link below.
If you are more interested in the articles published in the Financial Stability Report, see link below.

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