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20 Aug 2006 - 03 Jan 2008
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Lord Darnley is murdered
Feb. 9, 1567
Second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, father of King James I of Great Britain (James VI of Scotland), and direct ancestor of all subsequent British sovereigns.
In February 1565 Darnley, who had been living in England, went to Scotland with the permission of Queen Elizabeth I. By late April it was known that Mary wished to make him her husband. She created him successively earl of Ross (a rank previously reserved for a son of the Scottish king) and duke of Albany. Elizabeth and the English privy council sent word that the proposed marriage was "dangerous to the common amity" of the two countries.
Nonetheless, on July 29, 1565, the marriage was celebrated according to the Roman Catholic rite. It was offensive to the Scottish Protestant ministry, for whom John Knox was the spokesman; to the political ambition of James Stewart, earl of Moray (Mary's illegitimate half brother); and to the Hamilton claim to the Scottish throne.
It became evident, even to Mary, that superficial charm was Darnley's only positive attribute. This gave way to indolence, arrogance, drunkenness, and jealousy of Mary's secretary, David Riccio, in whose murder (March 9, 1566) Darnley was involved. He betrayed his accomplices, but they showed Mary his written agreement to Riccio's murder, and he was unable to clear himself with her.
The birth (June 19, 1566) of a son, James, to Mary and Darnley was eventually to solve the problem of the English succession. But Darnley remained an embarrassment to all. While Mary was absent from their temporary residence, Kirk o'Field, near Edinburgh, the house was blown up. The body of Darnley, who had apparently been strangled, was found in a nearby garden.

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Mexican President Zedillo breaks cease fire
Feb. 9, 1995

On Feb. 9, 1995, Mexico's Pres. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León broke a cease-fire and ordered thousands of Mexican troops into the area of Chiapas state held by the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), the group that had launched a rebellion on New Year's Day 1994 to demand indigenous rights and greater democracy, liberty, and justice.

Bill Haley dies
Feb. 9, 1981

American singer and songwriter considered by many to be the father of rock and roll thanks to his 1955 hit "Rock Around the Clock." Haley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Howard Martin Temin passes away
Feb. 9, 1994

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