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23 Apr 2001 - 31 Mar 2012
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Information is all around us—digital information, printed information—everywhere you look. There's plenty of it, but it's important to know who to trust and who will deliver the quality you expect.
Since 1768, Encyclopædia Britannica has been recognized around the world for the highest standards of accuracy and authority. Today, with the most extensive publishing program in our history, we are building an even larger presence in print as well as digital.
Never have we published so many titles in different media, at different prices, and for all ages. Several elements make Britannica's syndication program unique to help you succeed in your markets: our powerful and respected brand, our vast coverage of all major subjects, and the variety of formats in which our information is published.
With the wealth of content contained in our database, Encyclopædia Britannica can create and develop many different products based on a variety of subjects.
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