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25 Aug 2006 - 25 Jan 2021
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Now you can easily give your readers access to any of Britannica's 120,000 articles from your web site or blog.
Just follow the instructions below and when your reader clicks through the link to Britannica from your site, he or she will be able to view the complete article—even those that normally require a subscription to read—as a free sample (please see the note below).
Simply place this HTML code within your site code...
<a href="[cut & paste full URL of the article to which you wish to link]">[type in keyword or subject of the article. You can reference Britannica if you want…or not.]</a>
For example, to link to the Britannica Online Article on nanotechnology, the article URL is
Your HTML code would then look like...
<a href="http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9384821/nanotechnology">nanotechnology article from Britannica</a>
Note: Please note that the link will lead to the full Britannica article only when the page holding the link is hosted on a Web Server. When you test this page on your local machine, it will still lead to the truncated version of the article. This is not an error, and when the same page is put on a Web Server it will work as intended.
Please refer to our Terms Of Use for any rules and policies regarding the linking and use of Britannica content. Questions? Contact us at links@eb.com​.
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