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12/17/1998New Governing Board appoints Executive Board today
12/17/1998Urban Bäckström appointed Governor for six years
12/15/1998Repo rate lowered 0.2 percentage points to 3.40%
12/3/1998Inflation somewhat below target in next 1–2 years
12/2/1998Sven Hulterström elected Chairman of Governing Board
11/30/1998Bank lending rates lowered 0.2 percentage points, deposit rates unchanged
11/30/1998Swedish direct investment assets abroad total SEK 593 billion
11/26/1998Bäckström: Weaker international growth behind interest rate cuts
11/26/1998Support for inflation target continues to grow
11/24/1998Lowers repo rate from 3.85 to 3.60 per cent
11/13/1998The conversion of National Debt Office foreign-exchange transactions
11/12/1998Stability satisfactory even with international financial turbulence
11/12/1998Deposit and lending rates lowered 0.5 percentage points
11/3/1998Repo rate lowered 0.25 percentage points to 3.85%
10/21/1998Kjell-Olof Feldt elected Chairman of the Governing Board
10/15/1998Stefan Ingves appointed IMF department head
10/8/1998Swedish holdings of foreign securities mapped
10/2/1998Preparations for the new Riksbank laws
10/2/1998The Riksbank sets up a 2000 Council
9/29/1998Riksbank survey of turnover in Swedish currency and derivatives markets
9/28/1998Inflation Report: Inflation relatively well in line with the target
9/24/1998Inflation relatively well in line with the target
9/11/1998EU central bank agreement on ERM II operating procedures
9/7/1998Seven banknotes no longer legal tender from 1999
9/1/1998The Riksbank's survey of bank rates
8/12/1998The Primary Dealer agreement for the foreign exchange market is transferred from SBC Warburg
8/11/1998Indicators of underlying inflation
7/1/1998The discount rate determined to 2.0 per cent
6/4/1998Cuts the repo rate by 0.25 percantage points
6/3/1998Conference on Monetary Policy Rules in Stockholm June 12 - 13, 1998
5/29/1998The Riksbank transfers two primary dealer agreements for the money and bond market
5/29/1998Widespread use of euro in Sweden from 1999 seems unlikely
5/15/1998The growth in lending by Swedish banks is not a threat to financial stability at present
5/4/1998Enquiry into underlying inflation
4/17/1998New counterparty agreement for a more effective money and bond market
4/3/1998Swedes held foreign shares worth SEK 400 billion at end 1997
4/1/1998The discount rate unchaged 2,5 per cent
3/27/1998Repo rate should not be changed at present
3/17/1998Primary dealer agreement with ABN
3/9/1998Nominal holding of Treasury securities to be reduced by SEK 20 billion
3/9/1998Erik Penser Fondkommission AB terminates its primary dealerships in the money and bond market
3/3/1998Prospects of somewhat more subdued inflation
2/16/1998HSBC Midland terminates its primary dealerships in the money and bond market
2/13/1998Bank average deposit rate increased 0,2 percentage points; lending rates unchanged
2/12/1998Riksbank transfers SEK 9.3 billion to the Treasury
2/6/1998Support for inflation target still strong in Sweden
1/22/1998Balance-of-payments statistics adapted to IMF and EU standards
1/19/1998Merita Banken terminates its primary dealership in the foreign exchange market
1/2/1998The discount rate unchanged at 2.5 per cent
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