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12/16/1997Final report on the Riksbank's wartime acquisition of gold
12/11/1997The Riksbank raises the reporate to 4.35 per cent
12/9/1997Good grounds for less expansionary monetary stance
11/27/1997Restrictions introduced for securities used as collateral for banks' borrowing from the Riksbank
11/27/1997The Riksbank to go on converting the National Debt Office's foreign-currency payments in 1998
11/12/1997The Riksbank's survey of average lending and deposit rates
11/11/1997Direct investments in Sweden doublded in three years
11/7/1997Marginal effects of the share price fall on the Swedish economy
11/7/1997Satisfactory stability in the financial system
11/5/1997New Riksbank report on financial system stability
10/1/1997The Discount rate
9/30/1997Primary dealer agreement with Merita Bank
9/30/1997Balance of payments statistics adapted to internation standard
9/23/1997Inflation in the coming years in line with target
9/19/1997Hans Lindblad new head of Price Analysis Division
9/1/1997Reduction of the Riksbanks's forward exchange liabilities from 1992 completed
8/20/1997Lending rates down 0.1 percentage point on average; no change in average deposit rate 2nd quarter
8/14/1997Statutory price stability objective enhances credibility
8/14/1997New, smaller 20 kronor note from September 15th
8/14/1997Developments in line with latest inflation report
7/23/1997More than one watermark on 100 kronor notes
7/1/1997The Reference rate - The Discount rate
7/1/1997Gunilla Werner Carlsson to head Auditing Department
7/1/1997Primary dealer agreements with SBC Warburg and Unibank
7/1/1997Agneta Rönström to head Organisation and Administrative Department
7/1/1997Report on gold purchases to be presented around the turn of 1997
6/5/1997Picture of inflation unchanged
5/28/1997Sweden 1997 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement
5/27/1997Föreningsbanken terminates its primary dealerships
5/16/1997The Riksbank's survey of the average level of bank deposit and lending rates
4/10/1997USD and DEM accounts to be opened as of 14th April 1997
4/8/1997The Riksbank to change from reversed repos to repos
4/1/1997The Reference Rate - The Discount Rate determined to 2.5 per cent
3/25/1997Two new members appointed to the Committee investigating the Riksbank's purchases of gold
3/21/1997Exchange rate policy report liable to undermine the credibility of monetary policy
3/20/1997Inflation remains low
3/17/1997Sveriges Riksbank on the Internet
3/14/1997Björn Hasselgren deputy head of Financial Statistics Department
2/17/1997Banks lowered deposit and lending rates in 1996 by an average of 3.7 percentage points
2/14/1997Two managerial senior advisors appointed
2/13/1997Riksbank transfers SEK 8.1 billion to the Government
2/10/1997The Riksbank should be constitutionally independent
2/7/1997Pernilla Meyersson new head of the Economics Departments Division for EU Economic and Monetary Coop.
2/3/1997Sweden's financial sector able to manage a changeover to the euro on 1st January 1999
1/22/1997Christina Nordh Berntsson new head of international secretariat
1/20/199760 per cent of the population support the inflation target
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