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12/19/2001Why is there no decline in the value of the banknotes and coins in circulation?
12/17/2001Currency exchanges for the National Debt Office
12/14/2001General Council meetings, first half of 2002
12/12/2001The Swedish Financial Market
12/11/2001Bäckström: The Swedish economy
12/11/2001Swedish corporate assets abroad increased substantially during 2000
12/6/2001Heikensten: the Riksbank and the interest rate
12/5/2001Nyberg: The development of the krona and the role of the Riksbank
12/5/2001Repo rate retained unchanged at 3.75 per cent
12/4/2001The banks lowered both deposit and lending rates 0.1 percentage points in 2001 Q3
11/26/2001Statistics Sweden takes over production of Financial Market Statistics
11/23/2001Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in the first half of 2002
11/20/2001You are invited to a press conference where the IMF will discuss its assessment of the Swedish financial system
11/19/2001Currency interventions assessed
11/16/2001Villy Bergström reappointed as Deputy Governor
11/15/2001Continued stability in the financial system, despite deterioration in economic activity
11/14/2001Swedish Mint in Eskilstuna will be sold to Finnish Mint
11/14/2001Heikensten: Activity weak but policy expansionary
11/7/2001Heikensten: September 11th is leaving its mark on the statistics
10/29/2001Riksbank to sell Tumba Bruk to American banknote paper manufacturer
10/26/2001Bergström: Watchful eye on inflation trends
10/16/2001Repo rate retained unchanged at 3.75 per cent
10/9/2001Riksbank survey of turnover in Swedish currency and derivatives markets
10/9/2001The general public's confidence in the Riksbank is on the increase
10/1/2001The Riksbank and the financial sector survey the effects of the introduction of the euro
9/25/2001Bergström: Stable prices, wages and growth important for construction sector
9/21/2001IMF publishes its survey of Swedish statistics
9/19/2001Persson: Joint efforts to safeguard confidence
9/17/2001Repo rate lowered 0.5 percentage points to 3.75 per cent
9/17/2001Extra monetary policy meeting
9/17/2001New, upgraded banknotes to be introduced on 1 October
9/13/2001Measures to facilitate payments in US dollars if necessary
9/11/2001Press release in connection with the tragic events in the USA
9/4/2001Nyberg: The questions regarding the international business climate still remain
8/31/2001The banks raised the deposit rate by 0.1 percentage points while the lending rate remained unchanged in Q2 2001
8/24/2001Repo rate retained unchanged at 4.25 per cent
8/13/2001The Riksbank's currency exchanges on behalf of the Swedish National Debt Office
7/6/2001Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
7/5/2001Responsibilities of Executive Board members
6/29/2001HSBC Midland terminates its foreign exchange Primary Dealer Agreement with the Riksbank
6/20/2001Sweden publishes the International Monetary Fund's statement on the Swedish economy
6/15/2001Riksbank issues commemorative coin to celebrate the King and Queen's 25th wedding anniversary
6/15/2001The Riksbank has intervened in the currency market
6/15/2001Hans Lindblad new Deputy Head of the Monetary Policy Department
6/15/2001Heikensten:The krona has shifted the risk spectrum
6/14/2001Bäckström: Currency interventions cannot be rouled out
6/8/2001General Council meetings, second half of 2001
6/7/2001Riksbank transfers an additional SEK 20 billion to the Treasury
5/31/2001The banks left both their deposit and lending rates unchanged in 2001 Q1
5/31/2001Repo rate held unchanged at 4.0 per cent
5/30/2001Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in the second half of 2001
5/29/2001Swedish portfolio holdings 2000, foreign shares and mutual funds
5/28/2001Updated one-krona and ten-krona coins as of 1 June
5/23/2001Financial Stability Report 2001:1
4/27/2001Repo rate remains unchanged at 4.0 per cent
4/27/2001Bergström on monetary policy principles
4/25/2001Speeches held at the Riksbank's spring meeting
4/21/2001Bergström about the repo rate
4/20/2001Bäckström: Slight slowdown no problem for the economy
4/18/2001Riksbank plans to sell Tumba Bruk
4/18/2001Heikensten:Missing pieces in the economic puzzle
4/17/2001The Riksbank in Malmö 18-21 April
4/2/2001Bäckström: Economic situation difficult to assess
3/29/2001Situation report on the euro in the Swedish financial sector
3/27/2001Repo rate remains unchanged at 4.0 per cent
3/16/2001Bergström: Swedish economic trend unusually difficult to assess
3/6/2001Bergström: Risk for business cycle downturn
3/1/2001Srejber: Important to continue the work on improving the Swedish economy
2/28/2001The banks left their lending rate unchanged and raised the deposit rate by 0.1 percentage points in 2000 Q4
2/26/2001Bäckström: Very alert to international economic tendencies
2/14/2001Riksbank General Council proposes additional dividend to the Treasury
2/9/2001Heikensten: Monetary policy and the economic situation
2/2/2001Kristina Persson's appointment as Deputy Governor of the Riksbank
2/2/2001Repo rate remains unchanged at 4 per cent
2/1/2001Anders E Borg new adviser to the Riksbank
1/29/2001Riksbank supports proposal on management of banks in a crisis - but only in a systemic crisis
1/26/2001Kristina Persson new Deputy Governor
1/26/2001New Executive Board member - press conference 3 pm
1/23/2001Percentage of private travel increasing in travel statistics
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