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12/18/2002Ulrika Bergelv new Head of Internal Auditing Department
12/13/2002Irma Rosenberg new Deputy Governor
12/12/2002Swedish direct investment assets abroad SEK 1,277 billion
12/5/2002Tor Jacobson new Head of Research Department
12/5/2002Repo rate lowered 0.25 percentage points to 3.75 per cent
12/3/2002Swedish portfolio holdings 2001 - Foreign shares and debt securities
12/2/2002Bäckström: A perspective of his years at the Riksbank
11/29/2002Bergström: Basic industry - High tech that lasts
11/29/2002Persson: Economic outlook surrounded by risks
11/28/2002Start of the new organisation for cash management is postponed
11/26/2002Uncertain economic situation entails lower resilience in the banking system
11/20/2002Per Jansson new deputy head of department
11/20/2002Change in cash management in Sweden
11/19/2002Bäckström: Why was the price stability objective successful?
11/19/2002General Council meetings, first half of 2003
11/18/2002Bäckström: Future directions for the interest rate
11/15/2002Repo rate lowered 0.25 percentage points to 4 per cent
11/14/2002Sveriges Riksbank issues commemorative coin in memory of Astrid Lindgren
11/11/2002Persson: The current situation for the Swedish economy
11/8/2002Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in spring 2003
11/7/2002New Head of IT Department
10/23/2002Economic Review no 3 2002
10/23/2002Persson: Stabilisation policy in the monetary union
10/18/2002Jan Bergqvist appointed new Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank
10/18/2002Statement regarding the report "Stabiliseringspolitik i valutaunionen", Stabilisation policy in the monetary union (SOU 2002:16)
10/17/2002Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
10/14/2002The general public's confidence in the Riksbank remains high
10/9/2002Heikensten: Financial risks slow down recovery
10/3/2002New appointments at the Riksbank
9/24/2002New Chief Legal Counsellor at the Riksbank
9/24/2002Bäckström: US recovery central for the world economy
9/5/2002Nyberg: Developments in line with assessments
8/24/2002Bäckström: What happened to the “new economy"?
8/16/2002Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
8/15/2002Preliminary financial market statistics for May and June 2002
8/7/2002Stable Swedish financial sector according to the IMF (FSAP)
7/29/2002A comment from the Governor of the Riksbank
7/24/2002Exchange with the National Debt Office
7/5/2002Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
7/4/2002New head for the Secretariat of the Executive Board at the Riksbank
6/28/2002Reasonable to await further information
6/18/2002Reference rate to replace discount rate
6/18/2002Krona holds its own against the euro on home ground
6/13/2002Lars Heikensten new Governor Eva Srejber First Deputy Governor
6/6/2002Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in autumn 2002
6/6/2002Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
6/3/2002Riksbank issues coin to commemorate Stockholm's 750th anniversary
6/3/2002Preliminary financial market statistics for March and April 2002
5/31/2002Riksbank publishes The Swedish Financial Market
5/31/2002Nyberg: Positive development in line with the Riksbank's forecast
5/29/2002Bäckström: Earlier assessments still largely apply
5/23/2002The Swedish banks show good resistance with regard to the low level of economic activity
5/22/2002Heikensten: Main features of the inflation assessment still apply
5/21/2002Sven Hulterström comments on Urban Bäckström's decision
5/21/2002Governor Urban Bäckström resigns at year-end
5/16/2002Sweden publishes the International Monetary Fund's statement on the Swedish economy
5/13/2002Nyberg: International upturn and wage developments behind interest rate hike - absence due to sick leave constitutes problem
5/8/2002Mats Galvenius new Head of Market Operations Department
5/6/2002Bergström: The Riksbank and the Swedish economy
4/26/2002Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
4/23/2002The Riksbank plans to sell Pengar i Sverige
4/17/2002Bergström: Excessive wage increases a threat to the inflation target
4/16/2002Heikensten: The economic situation
4/12/2002Persson: Monetary policy and economic growth
3/19/2002Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points
2/25/2002Bergström: Worrying signals regarding wage trends
2/20/2002Heikensten: The economic situation
2/15/2002Allocation of the Riksbank's net income 2001
2/15/2002Invitation to press conference
2/8/2002The Riksbank's annual report 2001
2/8/2002Repo rate left unchanged at 3.75 per cent
2/6/2002Appendix: The Riksbank's interventions in the foreign exchange market – preparations, decision-making and communication
2/6/2002Preparations, decision-making and communication in the event of foreign exchange interventions
2/4/2002Heikensten: Low-inflation environment has underpinned growth: four examples
2/1/2002Persson: Dawning optimism regarding upturn
1/22/2002Heikensten: Inflation high but a reassessment premature
1/18/2002Exchange of EU payment
1/2/2002Sale of Tumba Bruk finalised
1/2/2002Sale of the Swedish Mint
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