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02 Feb 1999 - 08 Dec 2016
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Andrew Cuomo was elected the 64th Attorney General of New York State on November 7, 2006. As Attorney General, Cuomo is the highest ranking law enforcement officer for the State, responsible for representing New York and its residents in legal matters. Cuomo has a long record of fighting for justice and championing government reform.
In 1996 President Clinton nominated Cuomo to serve in his Cabinet as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Under his leadership, HUD was transformed from a bureaucratic backwater rife with waste, fraud and abuse to a revitalized engine for economic development and unprecedented housing opportunities. Cuomo brought dramatic reforms to make government efficient and competent while saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
Cuomo's work earned HUD the prestigious "Innovations in American Government Award" from the Ford Foundation and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, on three separate occasions.
As Secretary, Cuomo made fighting racial discrimination a key focus and brought 2,000 anti-discrimination cases all across the country. In addition, Cuomo led a national coalition of 400 mayors and law enforcement officials to fight the scourge of gun violence. The effort included the successful negotiation of a global settlement designed to change the way gun manufacturers design, market and distribute hand guns.
Cuomo established Housing Enterprise for Less Privileged (HELP) in 1986, which became the nation's largest private provider of transitional housing for the homeless. Based on his pioneering work through HELP, Cuomo was appointed by New York City Mayor David Dinkins in 1991 to lead the New York City Commission on the Homeless.
Cuomo first practiced law as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. He has also worked as a partner in a New York City law firm and was Of Counsel at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.
Cuomo graduated from Fordham University in 1979 and Albany Law School in 1982. He is the father of three daughters, twins Mariah and Cara who are 11 years old and Michaela who is 9.