Tenant's Rights Guide

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15 Aug 2000 - 25 Feb 2017
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Tenant's Rights Guide
Dear New Yorker:
It is with great pleasure that I provide for you this "Tenant's Rights Guide" for answers to many of your questions regarding apartment renting. It is vital that tenants throughout New York State know about the laws affecting rental housing.
More and more New Yorkers are writing to me and visiting my offices throughout the State asking for advice on landlord/tenant matters. That is why I have published this handbook which summarizes and explains the laws tenants need to know. I hope that this book is helpful for you.
Tenants have important rights under rent stabilization and rent control laws which limit rent increases and require certain levels of service. The rent regulation system is administered by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). The final pages of this handbook provide helpful phone numbers for DHCR so that tenants may file complaints or get information.
There are also a number of other informative brochures available to you with respect to tenant issues. Copies can be obtained at any of my offices.
New Yorkers who need additional assistance or information about landlord/tenant matters should write or visit my nearest office or contact one of the offices listed in the last pages of this handbook.

Andew Cuomo