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Payments in Sweden and other countries
The last chapter in the Riksbank’s publication “The Swedish Financial Market” gives a general description of the Swedish financial infrastructure. It also provides basic statistics on payment flows in all parts of the financial sector. A link to the latest edition of “The Swedish Financial Market” can be found at the bottom of this page.

Swedish payment statistics are also reported in two international publications. One of these is published by the European Central Bank, ECB, which describes the main payment systems and includes annual payment data for the EU member states and accession countries. The publication is called “Blue Book” (see the link below) and presents payment statistics for each country as well as comparative tables.  

The other is published by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and contains information about payment systems and payment data for the G10 countries. The publication is called “Red Book” (Statistics on payment and settlement systems in selected countries); see the link below.

Both publications provide statistics on different kinds of payment instrument, such as cards, credit transfers, direct debits, cheques and cash. Both the number of payments and their value are shown. In addition, the publications include data on trade in government securities (VPC), equities and derivatives (Stockholmsbörsen) and foreign exchange transactions (CLS), broken down by the respective payment system. The statistics also cover RIX, which is Sweden’s central payment system for large-value payments. The same data is shown for all countries included in the publication, which enables international comparisons.
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Blue Book
Red Book – ”Statistics on payment and settlement systems in selected countries - Figures for 2003 (CPSS Publications No. 66, March 2005)”

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