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Exchange rates
The Swedish banks calculate a fixing rate daily at 9.30 a.m. according to the formula: (buy+sell)/ 2. OM Räntebörsen AB establishes a joint MID-PRICE at 10.05 a.m. by calculating the average value of the banks’ fixing rates.
The database contains mid-prices for around 50 currencies. All of the mid-prices are set in Swedish kronor. By clicking on one of the menus on the left you can obtain all available exchange rates in the result. The simple search displays the result in the form of an Excel file, which is created when you click on “Search”.
Searches can be made for individual currencies under the heading Advanced search among interest rates and exchange rates on the left. It is also possible to select calculation method, various methods of presentation (HTML, CSV, Excel table and text file) as well as the decimal separator.
Cross rates
By using the various exchange rates against the Swedish krona, it is also possible to calculate what are known as cross rates, such as GDP against EUR. The result provides two values, for instance GDP/EUR and EUR/GDP.

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