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23 Aug 2006 - 06 May 2007
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Friendly Forest Math Club (For Ages 4-7)
The Friendly Forest Math Club educational software program is designed to offer young children a friendly environment in which they can learn numbers and get acquainted with primary mathematical concepts. The program covers preschool-kindergarten curriculum and deals with subjects such as counting, grouping, comparing, and basic addition and subtraction. It uses examples that define mathematical concepts and operations precisely, as well as prompt children to participate actively.
Accompanied by Merlin the Magician, the children are taken on a magical journey through the Fairy Tale Forest, where they acquire knowledge step-by-step, in a relaxed atmosphere. Here they meet Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as well as forest playmates at Gordolina -- the Magician's preschool.
The level of difficulty increases through the program, with exercises progressing from the simple to the complex. The program thus suits itself to the needs of young children, and helps them develop a positive attitude toward mathematics. The learning is active and experiential, and it fosters the youngsters’ cognitive abilities, advances their overall performance, and opens up the world of independent learning to them.
Product features
Building sets of 0 to 10 objects
Increasing and decreasing number of objects in sets of 0 to 10
Understanding the order of numbers
Combining and Separating
Price: 299/- (INR) inclusive of all taxes.
For further details e-mail us at shop@ebindia.com or call us at +91 - 11 - 41828194-97
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