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K Ker Kon
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Mountain in the Karakoram Range.
Most sacred Muslim shrine, located near the centre of the Great Mosque in Mecca.
Kabalega National Park
National park, northwestern Uganda.
Jewish mysticism as it developed in the 12th century and after.
Kabila, Laurent (Désiré)
Rebel leader and president (1997–2001) of Congo (Kinshasa).
Indian mystic and poet.
Popular Japanese entertainment that combines music, dance, and mime in highly stylized performances.
City (pop., 1993 est.: 700,000), capital of Afghanistan.
Kabul River
River in eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.
Berber people of northeastern Algeria.
Kachchh, Rann of
Large salt marsh, west-central India and southern Pakistan.
Any member of a group of tribal peoples occupying parts of northeastern Myanmar and contiguous areas of India (Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland) and China (Yunnan).
Ancestral being of the Pueblo Indians.
Kaczynski, Theodore
U.S. criminal.
Kádár János
Premier of Hungary (1956–58, 1961–65) and first secretary (1956–88) of Hungary's Communist Party.
Kadare, Ismail
Albanian novelist and poet.
Jewish doxology (hymn of praise to God) that is usually recited in Aramaic at the end of principal sections of all synagogue services.
Ancient city, western Syria.
City of ancient Palestine.
Kaduna River
River, central Nigeria.
Kael, Pauline
U.S. film critic.
Kafka, Franz
Czech writer who wrote in German.
Kafue National Park
National park, south-central Zambia.
Kafue River
River rising on the Democratic Republic of the Congo-Zambia border.
Kagame, Paul
President of Rwanda from 2000.
Kaganovich, Lazar (Moiseyevich)
Soviet political leader.
Kagera River
River, northwestern Tanzania.
In Shinto, a traditional style of music and dancing used in religious ceremonies.
Kahlo (y Calderón de Rivera), (Magdalena Carmen) Frida
Mexican painter.
Kahn, Albert
German-born U.S. industrial architect.
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