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NAACP through Nahyan dynasty

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N Nem Nig Nur
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Oldest and largest U.S. civil rights organization.
Naber, John
U.S. swimmer.
(from Hebrew navi, “prophet” or “seer”) Group of French artists who paved the way for the development of abstract art in the early 20th century.
Former U.S. snack food and bakery product company.
Nabokov, Vladimir (Vladimirovich)
Russian-born U.S novelist and critic.
Major god in the Assyrian-Babylonian pantheon, the son of Marduk.
Nabuco (de Araújo), Joaquim (Aurelio Barretto)
Leader of Brazil's abolitionist movement.
French photographer, caricaturist, and writer.
Nader, Ralph
U.S. lawyer and consumer advocate.
Nadir Shah
Iranian conqueror and ruler.
Trade pact signed by Canada, the U.S., and Mexico in 1992, which took effect in 1994.
Nag Hammadi
Town in Upper Egypt on the Nile.
In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, a semidivine being, half human and half serpent.
Naga Hills
Hill region, northeastern India and northwestern Myanmar (Burma).
State (pop., 2001 prelim.: 1,988,636), northeastern India.
Indian monk and philosopher, founder of the Madhyamika school of Buddhism.
City (pop., 2003 est.: 418,523), western Kyushu, Japan.
Region (pop., 2002 est.: 144,300), southwestern Azerbaijan.
City (pop., 2000 prelim.: 2,171,378), southern Honshu, Japan.
City (pop., 2001 prelim.: 2,051,320), northeastern Maharashtra state, India.
In some Mesoamerican religions, a personal guardian spirit that resides in an animal.
Nagy, Imre
Hungarian politician.
Nahanni National Park
National park, southwestern Northwest Territories, Canada.
Nah​d​ah, Hizb al-
Tunisian political party founded in 1981 by Rachid al-Ghannouchi and Abdelfattah Mourou ('Abd al-Fatt​a​h Muru) as the Islamic Tendency Movement.
Indian population of Mexico and Central America, of whom the Aztec are the best known.
Nahuatl language
Uto-Aztecan language of Mexico, which continues to be spoken by more than a million modern Mexicans in various markedly divergent dialects.
Nahuel Huapí National Park
National park, southwestern Argentina.
Nahuel Huapí, Lake
Lake, in the eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains, southwestern Argentina, near the Chilean border.
One of the 12 Minor Prophets in the Bible, traditional author of the book of Nahum.
Nahyan dynasty
Ruling family of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, a constituent part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
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