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Island (pop., 2000: 876,165) of Hawaii, U.S.
Any of about 450 species of ornamental and timber trees and shrubs that make up the genus Quercus in the beech family, found throughout temperate climates.
City (pop., 2000: 399,484), western California, U.S., on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay.
Oakley, Annie
U.S. sharpshooter.
Fertile tract of land that occurs in a desert wherever a permanent supply of fresh water is available.
Oates, Joyce Carol
U.S. writer.
Oates, Titus
English fabricator of the Popish Plot.
Hardy cereal plant (Avena sativa), cultivated in temperate regions, that is able to live in poor soil.
City (pop., 2000: 251,846), capital of Oaxaca state, southern Mexico.
State (pop., 2000: 3,438,765), southern Mexico.
Ob River
River, west-central Russia.
One of the 12 Minor Prophets in the Bible, traditional author of the book of Obadiah.
Tapered four-sided pillar, originally erected in pairs at the entrance to ancient Egyptian temples.
Oberlin College
Private liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio.
Excessive body fat.
In West African folklore, a gigantic animal that steals into villages by night to kidnap girls on behalf of witches.
object-oriented programming
Computer programming that emphasizes the structure of data and their encapsulation with the procedures that operate upon it.
In Christianity, the offering up by the faithful of any gift for use usually by the clergy, the church, or the sick or poor.
Double-reed woodwind instrument.
Obote, (Apollo) Milton
First prime minister (1962–70) and president (1966–71, 1980–85) of Uganda.
Obraztsov, Sergey Vladimirovich
Russian puppeteer.
Obrecht, Jakob
Flemish composer.
Obregón, Álvaro
President of Mexico (1920–24).
Obrenovi​c dynasty
Family that provided Serbia with five rulers between 1815 and 1903.
O'Brian, Patrick
British writer.
O'Brien, Flann
Irish novelist, dramatist, and newspaper columnist.
O'Brien, Lawrence
U.S. political official.
O'Brien, William Smith
Irish political insurgent.
Act, utterance, writing, or illustration that is deemed deeply offensive according to contemporary community standards of morality and decency.
Structure containing telescopes and other instruments for observing celestial objects and phenomena.
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