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T cell through Taewon-gun

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T Tam Tea Tho Ton Tor
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T cell
With the B cell, one of the two main types of white blood cell, essential parts of the immune system.
T Tauri star
Any of a class of very young stars with masses less than about twice the Sun's.
Type of broadband telecommunications connection (see broadband technology) used especially to connect Internet service providers to the Internet's infrastructure.
Taaffe, Eduard, count von
Austrian politician and prime minister (1868–70, 1879–93).
Taal, Lake
Lake, southwestern Luzon, Philippines.
Tabari, al-
Muslim scholar, Qur'​a​nic commentator, and historian.
State (pop., 2000: 1,891,829), southeastern Mexico.
In Jewish history, the portable sanctuary constructed by Moses as a place of worship for the Hebrew tribes during the period of wandering that preceded their arrival in the Promised Land.
Pair of small drums, the principal percussion in Hindustani music of northern India.
Article of furniture used in the Western world since at least the 7th century BC, consisting of a flat slab of stone, metal, wood, or glass supported by trestles, legs, or a pillar.
Table Bay
Inlet, Atlantic Ocean, forming the harbour of Cape Town, South Africa.
table tennis
Game similar to lawn tennis that is played on a tabletop with wooden paddles and a small, hollow, plastic ball.
Prohibition against touching, saying, or doing something for fear of immediate harm from a supernatural force.
City (pop., 1996: 1,191,043), northwestern Iran.
Tabriz school
School of miniaturist painting founded by the Mongol Il-Khans early in the 14th century.
(from French, tache: “spot”) Style of painting practiced in Paris after World War II and through the 1950s.
Heart rate over 100 (as high as 240) beats per minute.
Hypothetical subatomic particle whose velocity is always greater than that of light.
Roman orator, public official, and historian.
City and seaport (pop., 2000: 193,556), western Washington, U.S.
Taconic Orogeny
Mountain-building event that affected the Appalachian Geosyncline along the eastern coast of the U.S.
Taconic Range
Part of the Appalachian mountain system, northeastern U.S.
Low-grade iron formation (e.g., in Minnesota).
In warfare, the art and science of fighting battles.
Aquatic larval stage of frogs and toads.
tae kwon do
Korean martial art resembling karate.
Metropolitan city (pop., 2000: 2,473,990), capital of North Ky​o​ngsang province, southeastern South Korea.
Metropolitan city (pop., 2000: 1,365,961), capital of South Ch'ungch'​o​ng province, southeastern South Korea.
Taeuber, Conrad; and Barnes Taeuber, Irene
U.S. demographers, statisticians, and social scientists.
Father of the last ruling Korean king, Kojong (r. 1864–1907), and regent (1864–73).
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