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W particle through Wakatipu Lake

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W particle
Electrically charged subatomic particle that transmits the weak force, which governs radioactive decay (see radioactivity) in some atomic nuclei.
Wabash River
River, flowing westward across Indiana, U.S.
Anglo-Norman poet.
City (pop., 2000: 113,726), north-central Texas, U.S.
Historical African kingdom, central Africa.
Wade, Benjamin F(ranklin)
U.S. politician.
Wade-Davis Bill
(1864) Measure passed by the U.S. Congress to set Reconstruction policy.
wage-price control
Setting of government guidelines to limit increases in wages and prices.
Wagner Act
(1935) Labour legislation passed by the U.S. Congress.
Wagner, Honus
U.S. baseball player.
Wagner, Otto
Austrian architect and teacher.
Wagner, (Wilhelm) Richard
German composer.
Wagner, Robert F(erdinand)
U.S. politician.
Wagner-Jauregg, Julius
Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist.
Four-wheeled vehicle designed to be drawn by draft animals.
Wagram, Battle of
(July 5–6, 1809) Victory by French forces under Napoleon against Austria.
Any of 7–10 passerine species in the genus Motacilla and the forest wagtail (Dendronanthus indicus) of Asia.
Wahh​a​b, Mu​h​ammad ibn 'Abd al-
Islamic theologian and founder of the Wahh​a​b​i movement.
Member of a Muslim puritan movement founded in the 18th century by Mu​h​ammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahh​a​b.
Species (Acanthocybium solanderi) of swift-moving, powerful, predaceous food and game fish found worldwide, especially in the tropics.
Island, northeastern Moluccas, Indonesia.
Waikato River
River, North Island, New Zealand.
Resort area, southern coast of Oahu island, Hawaii, U.S.
Waimakariri River
River, east-central South Island, New Zealand.
Wairau River
River, northern South Island, New Zealand.
Waite, Morrison (Remick)
U.S. jurist.
Waitemata Harbour
Harbour, northern North Island, New Zealand.
Waitz, Grete
Norwegian marathon runner.
Among some American Indian tribes, a spiritual power of supernatural origin belonging to some natural objects, people, horses, and celestial and terrestrial phenomena.
Wakatipu Lake
Lake, south-central South Island, New Zealand.
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