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Improving Outcomes: Blueprint for a National AIDS Plan for the U.S.
May 2007
Published by OSI's Public Health Watch, this report offers several recommendations for progress against AIDS, including a renewed focus on the prevention and treatment needs of African Americans. more
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"I Can Stop and Search Whoever I Want"—Police Stops of Ethnic Minorities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Spain
April 2007
Combining statistics, first-person accounts, and policy recommendations, this Open Society Justice Initiative book makes clear that ethnic profiling occurs in all three countries and is ineffective in combating crime.  more
OSI Forum: Protecting America's Children — Assessing the Promise of In Re Gault 40 Years Later
OSI-New York
May 3, 2007
On the anniversary of a landmark court case concerning juveniles in the justice system, OSI cohosted a forum with judges, lawyers, and activists working to ensure the constitutional rights of children.  more
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Uncivil Liberties
Gara LaMarche
January 1, 2007
In an essay in the journal Democracy, Gara LaMarche, OSI vice president and director of U.S. Programs, looks at what the turbulent history of the ACLU can teach progressive organizations today.  more
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A sampling of links to other organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, that provide information and resources related to OSI's work. more
Several OSI initiatives distribute email newsletters on a range of issues related to program activities around the world. more
Soros Foundations Network 2005 Annual Report
A comprehensive survey of the activities and funding priorities during 2005 of all OSI initiatives as well as the Soros foundations network. more
OSI Brochure: A Record of Achievement
Selected OSI activities and achievements in the areas of freedom and democracy, human rights, education, public health, and transparency. more
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