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27 Nov 2005 - 4 Mar 2015
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You chose: RealPlayer 8 for Mac OS 8/OS 9
Download and installation instructions:
  1. Verify that you have selected the correct version of the product for the operating system you are using.
  2. Click on a location near you to begin downloading (Size: 6.6 MB):
     Seattle, WA, USA  North America 
     Seattle, WA, USA  North America 
     Seattle, WA, USA  North America 
  3. Locate the downloaded file, /support/rp8-setup.hqx. Double-click the downloaded file to begin the RealPlayer 8 installation. It should decompress to be the RealPlayer 8 Installer automatically.
  4. Follow the instructions in each of the installer screens. If the installer is not extracting properly, you may need to use a program such as Stuffit Expander to decompress the file and then double click on the installer.
  5. The RealPlayer 8 is installed in the RealPlayer folder in the Internet Applications folder in the Internet folder, unless you specify otherwise. The installation also installs several files into the system folder of your computer.
  6. For more information about how to use the RealPlayer 8 for Macintosh, please read the ReadMe file located in the Internet Applications folder in the Internet folder.
  7. The ReadMe include details on system requirements, supported web browsers and information about known issues with the RealPlayer 8.
  8. If you experience any problems, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions at:
    or the Knowledge Base at: