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20 Aug 2006 - 15 Apr 2008
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Encyclopædia Britannica India, based in New Delhi, is a leading provider of reference and learning products. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chicago-based Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., which was originally founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the 18th century. It brings to Indian audiences the indisputable authority over knowledge, epitomized by the 32-volume Encyclopædia Britannica, the oldest reference work in English, first printed in 1768. Our global editorial operations are guided by some of the world's most distinguished scholars, several of them Nobel laureates.
Over the centuries, as the quest for knowledge has intensified, the media to access it have diversified. Our products are now found across the spectrum of traditional and futuristic media, from print to electronic to Web-based. As our repertoire of products expands, our outlook moulds itself to deliver what knowledge seekers need in the digital age.
Our comprehensive catalogue includes encyclopaedias for all age groups from early readers to advanced learners; multi-volume reference products; focused products on art, culture, and history; and curriculum support materials, available in a diversity of media. Besides marketing Britannica's existing global range in South Asian markets, we develop and market products customized to the specific needs of Indian users. To extend our regional reach, we also undertake translations of our products into Indian languages.
Find more about our products at the Knowledge Store.
Today, we are gearing ourselves to harness the immense potential of the convergence of print, electronic, and online media. With a thrust on educational initiatives in the coming years, we hope to take knowledge to newer horizons.
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