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Thursday, 30 August, 2007, 16:33 ( 14:33 GMT )
Libyan Navy Searches for Migrant Boat Adrift Off Coast
The Libyan navy is searching the Mediterranean for 59 African immigrants said to have been cast adrift in a rubber boat from a ship on which they had been robbed.
Saif-Al-Islam: LD104 Bilion Worth of Projects in a Year, Calls for Independent Media
Speaking to a huge youth rally in the city of Benghazi on 20 august 2007, Saif Al-Islam AL-Qathafi said the country have already signed LD 140 billion worth of project in housing, education, health and services sectors.
Libya-Malta Talks on Illegal Immigration "Positive”
A Maltese delegation that visited Libya for two days said talks with Libyan authorities on immigration issues were "positive" and "cordial".
Libya Leads Preparations for UN Racism Conference
Next week in Geneva Libya will head a United Nations-convened meeting between 20 nations to begin to lay the groundwork for a global conference on racism in 2009.
Boustead Says Wins $197mln Libyan Housing Project
Engineering services firm Boustead Singapore said on Wednesday it has won a $197 million contract in Libya to design and build a new township. It will hold a 65 percent interest in the contract.
Siyala: US Diplomat's Visit to Enhance Bilateral Relations
The top US diplomat David Welch, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, early in the week held talks with a Libyan official, focusing on making plans for a possible trip by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Libya later this year. Welch had two days of meetings.
Al-Mahmoudi Tells Sri Lanka's FM Libya Needs 100,000 Lankan Workers
Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister Bogollagama told reporters that the Secretary of the General People's Congress Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi that Libya needed 100,000 workers for future development activities and that Al-Mahmoudi requested Sri Lanka to make use of this opportunity.
Welch to Visit Libya Soon to Arrange Rice's Visit
The US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch is due in Tripoli midweek for two days of meetings on his first visit to Libya.
Hezbollah Warns Israel of Unprecedented War Surprise If Attacks Lebanon
Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday warned Israel against launching new attacks against his militant group in a speech marking the anniversary of the end of the war with the Jewish state.
Benghazi’s Chamber of Commerce Welcomes US Commercial Affairs Attaché in Tripoli
As a sign of further improvement in Libyan-American relations, the US Economic and Commercial Affairs Attaché at the American embassy in Tripoli Mr. Michel Miller made on 16 July a brief visit to Benghazi and held a meeting with the officials of the Benghazi Chamber of Commerce where both parties discussed ways and means to boost economic and commercial cooperation.
Fourth Round Auction of Gas Exploration in Libya Attracts 60 Companies
The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced that more than 60 Libyan and International Companies specialized in the field of Oil and Gas had attended Wednesday the first technical presentation of the gas auction organized at Al-Mahari Hotel.
French Team to Make Technical Evaluation of Benghazi Children Hospital
French experts will soon travel to Libya to evaluate the needs of the hospital where six foreign medics infected 438 Libyan children with the virus that causes AIDS.
UN Warns the World on Gaza Economic Blockade
The Gaza Strip will soon become entirely dependent on foreign aid and face "disastrous consequences" if the Hamas-run territory remains sealed off, the UN said Thursday. A Palestinian business group, meanwhile, said at least 120,000 Gazans could lose their jobs soon.
Nobody Should Tell Libya How to Get Its Electricity or Desalination
Both the Maltese government and the opposition Labour Party seem unruffled by Libya's plans to build a nuclear reactor. They both see no reason why Libya should be treated differently from other countries pursuing nuclear technology.
Bush Warns Maliki over Ties with Iran
US President George W. Bush sternly warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Thursday against cozying up to Iran, amid what Washington sees as unsettling signs of warming Baghdad-Tehran relations.
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Libyan Prosecutor: Palestinian Doctor Who Infected 438 Libyan Children with HIV Granted Bulgarian citizenship as Part of a Deal to Join the Plot
Libyan prosecutor says the decision by Bulgarian government to grant citizenship to the Palestinian doctor convicted to death was part of a deal the doctor made with number one defendant nurse Christiana Valcheva in exchange for his role in infecting 439 Libyan children with HIV.
People's Unity Party in Tunisia Express Solidarity with Libyan Children Infected With HIV by Bulgarian Nurses
The Central Council for the People's Unity Party in Tunisia condemned the vicious crime committed against Libyan children, the victims who were injected with HIV virus by their Bulgarian nurses while being treated at Benghazi Children's Hospital.
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