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Thursday, 30 August, 2007, 16:34 ( 14:34 GMT )
Energy Groups Eye Libyan Gas Deals
It is a fact that Libya is attracting high-level interest from multinational energy companies looking to develop its gas reserves. The attendance of scores of company executives on Wednesday who piled into the ballroom of a London hotel to hear Libyan state oil company executives present details of the country's first gas-only licensing round, due in December is proof enough.
Hill International Say It was Selected by Libya as Program Manager for Bardiyah Development
According to a press release issue on Thursday, Hill International, the worldwide construction consulting firm, said that Birdi Tourism Investments Co. has selected Hill as program manager for the Bardiyah Development, a multi-billion-dollar waterfront development program located east of Tobruk, Libya.
HIB Selects AECOM as Primary Consultant
The American AECOM Technology Corporation announced Wednesday that it has been selected as the primary consultant and program manager by the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB).
World Stock Markets Dive
World equities spiralled lower on Thursday as investors fretted over the struggling US housing market, with the turmoil that has gripped financial markets for the last week showing no sign of abating.
Atwood Announces Contract Suspension in Libya
Atwood Oceanics, Inc., announced in a press release on Wednesday that immediately upon the ATWOOD HUNTER completing its current drilling program for Woodside Energy Ltd.
Alenia Gets 3 Million Euro Deal from Libyan Air Force
Alenia Aermacchi is to support a €3 million refurbishment of 12 SF-260 primary trainers for the Libyan air force.
Conference Calls for Better Products and Access to World Market
A conference on "Promoting Competitiveness of Local Products" took place last week in Tripoli called for the need to upgrade Libyan local products and allow more access to foreign markets.
AirMalta Resumes Flights to Benghazi
On the 26th of June 2007, Benghazi Airport received the first Air Malta flight after many years.
IMF: World Economic Growth
The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday raised its 2007 and 2008 forecasts for world economic growth to 5.2 percent, and said China was poised to become its most powerful driver.
Chinese Economy Moves Ahead Becomes Second in the World
China's economy expanded at its fastest pace in over a decade in the second quarter, data showed Thursday, raising expectations authorities will act quickly but not severely to stop overheating.
Lloyd's Secures Contracts in Libyan Oil, Gas
Lloyd's Register EMEA has recently secured a number of important oil and gas contracts in Libya. Waha Oil Company has awarded a two-year contract to develop and implement a reliability-based mechanical integrity (RBMI) program for its 22 onshore oil fields in the Libyan Desert.
Ghanem: The Coming Gas Auction will be Like Olympic Games, May the Best Ones Win
International tenders to be soon invited for exploring Libyan natural gas reserves and Dr. Shukri Ghanem says it will be like the Olympic Games and may the best one win.
Libyan Airlines to Order 15 Airbus Planes Including A350s, A330s and A320s
Libyan Airlines has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airbus for the purchase of four A350s, four A330-200s and seven A320s, thus modernising its fleet with the newest technology aircraft. The Libyan flag carrier will use the new aircraft to replace and expand its existing fleet.
Libya, Sierra Leone Sign Investment Guarantee Agreement
An agreement aimed at promoting investment in both Libya and sierra Leone was signed Wednesday during a visit by the Leader of the Revolution to this African country.
Afriqiyah Airways Orders Six Airbus Planes A350s, Five A320s
Afriqiyah Airways has placed a firm order with Airbus for the purchase of five A320s. In addition, this young and dynamic airline from Libya has selected the A350 XWB for its long-term expansion plan, signing a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of six A350 XWBs.
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COMESA Steps Towards Customs Union
Libya's hard and continued effort to make African countries enter into a meaningful union that can lead the whole continent towards economic development and progress seem to be bring results at least at regional levels.
Conference on "Foreign Banks' Experience in Arab World: Advantages and Disadvantages" Held in Tripoli
The Libyan Central Bank in collaboration with Union of the Arab Banks organized a two-day conference titled Foreign Banks Experience in the Arab World: Advantages and Disadvantages, and was attended by major figures in the Arab banking sector.
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