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Valid coins
Coins have a much longer lifespan than banknotes and are also in circulation much longer. They remain in circulation, as change or in piggy-banks, cars, pockets, or at the bottom of handbags.
The denomination side of the coin carries two small letters. The letter on the left is for the place the coin was minted (E for Eskilstuna, where the mint is located). The letter on the right is the first letter of the Riksbank Governor’s surname. Coins minted prior to 1987 carry the first letter of the mint manager’s surname.
The General Council of the Riksbank decide on the design and appearance of the coins issued by the Riksbank.
All silver-coloured 50-öre coins will become invalid with effect from 1 January 2006. However, the copper-coloured 50-öre coins will remain legal tender.
Older versions of coins in the denominations 1 krona, 2 kronor, 5 kronor, 10 kronor and all jubilee and commemorative coins are legal tender.

LAST UPDATED 3/9/2006 

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