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18 Oct 2007 - 09 Feb 2018
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Two Collector Coins in honour of Finnish Independency 90 years (25.92007)
Mint of Finland Ltd mints on a decree of the Finnish Ministry of Finance a 100 euro collector coin and a 5 euro collector coin in honour of the 90th anniversary of Finnish independence. Both coins are designed by sculptor Reijo Paavilainen. The collector coin with a nominal value of 100 euros is minted in gold, and the other collector coin with a nominal value of 5 euros is made of copper-nickel and Nordic Gold.
The 100 euro coin is made of gold (Au917), weighs 8.48 g and is 22.0 mm in diameter. The centre of the 5 euro collector coin is of Nordic Gold (CuAl5Zn5Sn1) and the surrounding ring of copper-nickel (CuNi25). It weighs 19.81 g and has a diameter of
35.0 mm.
Sculptor Reijo Paavilainen’s proposal ”Plus” won the two-phased competition arranged in August for the designing of the ‘90 years of Finnish independence’ collector coins. Second prize was also awarded to Reijo Paavilainen for his proposal “Yhteinen rytmi” (Common rhythm). Paavilainen had at first considered the theme difficult and challenging; how to find a new and fresh interpretation to depict the anniversary of Finnish independence.
The creative mind of this renowned artist is well seen in the two collector coins with very different motifs. The 100 euro coin is festive in its expression and its obverse side displays Finland and the years of independence. The purely abstract composition on the reverse side is very rare in Finnish collector coins. On the 5 euro coin, you can distinguish petroglyph esthetics. The reverse side of this coin depicts an important element – collaboration – through a nine-oar boat with its rowers that functioned as basis for Reijo Paavilainen’s design. The same theme will reoccure later this year when a 2 euro commemorative coin is issued. Looking carefully, you can also distinguish signs of music and Finnish zitherin strings in the bimetallic coin’s pattern. The artist leaves a closer interpretation of the design to the viewer.
A maximum of 9000 pieces will be minted of the golden collector coin with a nominal value of 100 euros. A maximum of 150 000 pieces will be minted of the collector coin with a nominal value of 5 euros, of which 20 000 pieces are minted in proof-quality. The 5 euro collector coin is launched on 15th October, 2007. The golden 100 euro collector coin can be acquired starting 5th November, 2007. Both collector coins can be bought at e.g. Rahapaja Moneta, several monetary shops, Finnish Postal Service shops, and the Akateeminen kirjakauppa (Academic Book Store) in the Helsinki city centre.
For more information, contact: 
Corporate Communications Manager Outi Arola, Mint of Finland Ltd, tel. + 358-9-8943 4387, info@mint.fi
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