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10 Aug 2007 - 22 Aug 2010
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Metropolis-Hastings prefetching algorithms
Ingvar Strid, Stockholm School of Economics, Statistics Department
Tuesday 13 November 2007
New Keynesian Perspectives on Labor Market Dynamics
Lutz Weinke, Duke University
Tuesday 20 November, 2007
Relative Preferences, Happiness and 'Corrective' Taxation: A General Equilibrium Analysis
Peter Weltz, Sveriges riksbank
Tuesday 27 November 2007
Interest rate setting by the Riksbank, 1999-2007
Stefan Gerlach, BIS
Tuesday 4 December, 2007
Christa Bouwman, Case Western Reserve University
Tuesday 11 December, 2007
Ola Melander, Sveriges riksbank
Friday 14 December, 2007
Christophe Kamps, ECB
Tuesday 18 December, 2007
Tidigare seminarier 
"Optimal Monetary Policy in an Operational Medium-Size DSGE Model" (joint with Malin Adolfson, Stefan Laséen and Jesper Lindé)
Lars Svensson, Princeton University
Tuesday 16 January
Finance as a barrier to entry: U.S. bank deregulation and volatility
Viktors Stebunovs, Boston College
Tuesday 23 January
(job market seminar)

Financial Integration and Systemic Risk
Falko Fecht, Bundesbank
Friday 26 January
(job market seminar)

Housing Market and Current Account Imbalances in the International Economy
Maria Punzi, Boston College
Tuesday 30 January
(job market seminar)

Does Trade Liberalization Lead to Unemployment? Theory and Some Evidence
Alexandre Janiak, ECARES/Université Libre de Bruxelles
Tuesday 1 February
(job market seminar)

Interest Rate Fluctuations and Equilibrium in the Housing Market
Yavuz Arslan, Rochester University
Monday 5 February
(job market seminar)

Optimal Simple Monetary Policy Rules and Non-Atomistic Wage Setters in a New-Keynesian Framework
Stefano Gnocchio, Pompeu Fabra
Tuesday 6 February
(job market seminar)

Bank Geographic Diversification and Sensitivity of Lending to Monetary Shocks
Rocco Huang
Friday 9 February
(job market seminar)
The Effect of Relationship Lending on Firm Performance
Judit Montoriol-Garriga, Pompeu Fabra (job market-kandidat)
Monday 12 February

Bank's optimal implementation strategies for a risk sensitive regulatory capital rule
Kjell Björn Nordal, Norges Bank
Thursday 15 February
Inside Trading and Risk Arbitrage - Evidence from the M&A Market
Andrei Simonov, Stockholm School of Economics, Finance
Tuesday 20 February
The Costs of Paying – private and social costs of cash and card payments
Gabriela Guibourg, Sveriges Riksbank
Tuesday 27 February
Efficiency in Housing Markets: Do Home Buyers Know How to Discount?
Erik Hjalmarsson, Boards of Govenors
Tuesday 6 March
The Impact of Organizational Structure and Lending Technology on Banking Competition
Hans Degryse, Tilburg University
Tuesday 13 March
Index inclusions in emerging markets
Burcu Hacibedel, Stockholm School of Economics, SIFR
Tuesday 20 March
Switching Banks
Steven Ongena, Tilburg University
Tuesday 27 March
Testing the Unit Root Hypotesis in Nonlinear Dynamic Heterogeneous Panels with Nonlinear Trends
Rickard Sandberg, Stockholm School of Economics; Statistics Department
Tuesday 3 April
Monetary policy and financial (in)stability: an integrated micro-macro approach
Ferre De Graeve, Ghent University
Tuesday 17 April 2007
Putting the New Keynesioan model to a test
Gert Peersman
Tuesday 24 April 2007
Impact of Globalization on Monetary policy
Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University
Tuesday 8 May 2007
Collateral versus Screening: The Impact of Bank Competition in Emerging Markets
Christa Hainz, University of Munich
Tuesday 15 May
"Topics in econometrics: state-space models, structural breaks, variable selection, covariance matrix estimation, copulas"
Paolo Giordani, Sveriges Riksbank
Tuesday 22 May 2007
Trend Breaks, Long Run Restrictions, and the Contractionary Effects of Technology Improvements
John Fernald, San Fransisco Fed
Tuesday 5 June 2007
Sector-Specific Technical Change
Susanto Basu, Boston College
Thursday 7 June 2007
Sticky Information vs. Sticky Prices: A Horse Race in a DSGE Framework
Mathias Trabandt, Sveriges Riksbank
Tuesday 12 june 2007
Shocks, Structures or Monetary Policies? The EA and the US After 2001
Massimo Rostagno, Sverige Riksbank
Tuesday 19 June 2007
What Has Financed Government Debt Paper
Eric Leeper, Indiana University
Tuesday 26 June 2007 
Precautionary Reserves and the Interbank Market
James McAndrews, New York Fed
Monday 20 August 2007
Averaging Forecasts from VARs with Uncertain Instabilities
Todd Clark, Kansas City Fed
Tuesday 11 September 2007
Modelling Multivariate Distributions
Paolo Giordani, Sveriges Riksbank
Tuesday 18 September 2007
Comparing Greenbook and Reduced Form Forecasts using a Large Realtime Dataset
John Faust, Johns Hopkins University
Monday 24 September 2007

The Monetary Policy Decision Making Process and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Hans Dillén, Sveriges Riksbank
Tuesday 25 September 2007
Vacancies, Unemployment, and the Phillips Curve
Federico Ravenna, University of California - Santa Cruz
Tuesday 2 October 2007
Do Central Banks React to House Prices?
Daria Finocchiaro and Virginia Queijo von Heideken, Sveriges Riksbank
Tuesday 9 October 2007
Michael Pitt, University of Warwick
Tuesday 16 October 2007
When Central Banks Reveal Their Interest Rate Forecats: Alignment of Expectations Vs. Creative Opacity
Charles Wyplosz, Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva
Tuesday 23 October 2007
Sick of the Welfare State? Social Norms and Social Insurance
Martin Ljunge, University of Copenhagen
Tuesday 30 October, 2007



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