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20 Aug 2006 - 17 Dec 2007
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Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2008 CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
Looking for facts? Look no further than the new Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate 2008 CD or DVD-ROM.
Price: Rs. 2495
Encyclopædia Britannica Deluxe Edition 2008 CD-ROM
Designed for adults and students alike, the Encyclopædia Britannica Deluxe 2008 CD is a comprehensive reference resource that gives you up-to-date, in-depth, and easy-to-use information.
Price: Rs. 1995
Encyclopædia Britannica 2008 Children's Encyclopedia CD-ROM
Encyclopædia Britannica 2008 Children's Encyclopedia is the ultimate homework helper.
Price: Rs. 695
Encyclopædia Britannica 2006 Ready Reference
Compact yet complete, the Britannica Ready Reference contains current references to topics like world terrorism, J.K. Rowling and Madonna, as well as information on geography, people and more - more than 25,000 articles condensed from Encyclopædia Britannica.
Price: Rs. 995
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary (CD-ROM)
Authoritative and accessible guide to medical language: 59,000 words and phrases, 42,000 audio pronunciations.
Price: Rs. 995
Concise Encyclopedia Britannica
Find the answers and more in the concise Encyclopedia. More than 24,000 articles on just about every aspect of life and human endeavor – Arts, Business, Computers, Geography, History, Literature, Medicine, Sports the list is endless.
Price: Rs. 995
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary & Thesaurus CD-ROM (Deluxe Audio Ed.)
Take charge of today's language with this powerful electronic edition of America's best-selling language reference—now updated!
Price: Rs. 995
Education Entertainment pack
Developed by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. and the Centre for Educational Technology, these award-winning software titles intrigue and delight young minds with life-like sounds, full-screen videos, photos, and more.
Price: Rs. 499
Britannica Word Search
You've never seen a word search like this before! Britannica Word Search has fun, challenging puzzles for everyone, stuffed with exciting twists and varied play. Plus, with multiple modes and categories you can enjoy fast-paced action, relaxing gameplay, and everything in between.
Price: Rs. 495
Britannica Puzzle Potpourri
All the pieces you need for amazing fun are included in this comprehensive CD-ROM, perfect for any age. Britannica Puzzle Potpourri is a puzzle-lovers dream come true.
Price: Rs. 495
Britannica Quiz Show
Take the Britannica Quiz Show Challenge! Over 2,800 questions in six different categories make this the trivia game everyone will love.
Price: Rs. 495
Britannica Sudoku Unlimited
Britannica Sudoku Unlimited is a new approach to the addictive puzzle game that's becoming a world favorite.
Price: Rs. 495
Britannica World's Best Solitaire
It's solitaire the way you want it! Britannica World's Best Solitaire has over 500 versions of the world's most popular game.
Price: Rs. 495
Britannica Profiles Hollywood CD-ROM
Encyclopædia Britannica Presents Hollywood and the World of Movies is a lively tour through the glamour of the movie business, from the silent screen idols to the stars of today.
Price: Rs. 399
Britannica Biographies: Great Minds
Great Minds brings you the most brilliant thinkers of all time—the inventors, the scientists, and the intellectuals whose ideas have moved the world since the dawn of civilization.
Price: Rs. 399
Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs CD-ROM
What makes dinosaurs so interesting-their huge size, their exotic mystique? Or is it just that we're still learning about these strange, lumbering creatures as scientists make new discoveries and revise old theories? Decide for yourself, with Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs.
Price: Rs. 399
Explore the universe, galaxies, solar systems, planets, and their satellites with Space. Animated sequences, full-screen video segments, and narrations make this CD a rich multimedia knowledge base.
Price: Rs. 399
Britannica Biographies: World Leaders
World Leaders explores the lives and contributions of history's most famous figures. From Alexander the Great and Attila the Hun to George Washington and Fidel Castro, discover the men and women whose politics and power have shaped the world.
Price: Rs. 399
Human Body
Chatting and laughing with friends, eating a dish of macaroni and cheese, seeing the colours of spring blossoms, and smelling their fragrance -- what do all these activities have in common?
Price: Rs. 399
What does a firefly, as it lights up in the dark, have in common with a pleasantly scented flower in a field or a colourful fish in a coral reef? Discover the amazing ways in which plants and animals communicate.
Price: Rs. 399
Britannica for Kids Reading Club CD
Here is an attractively packaged, interactive learning system that has been developed to enable children, between four and seven years of age, to read and write at the primary level.
Price: Rs. 399
Women who changed the world
Since the beginning of time, women have left their mark on the world, at times changing the course of history and at other times influencing small but significant spheres of life.
Price: Rs. 399
World Religions
Britannica's World Religions comprehensive CD-ROM contains 3,500 authoritative entries that discuss in detail a variety of topics including religious movements, concepts, historical and legendary figures, divinities, spiritual characters, and important religious locations.
Price: Rs. 399
D-Day: The Turning Point of WWII CD
Britannica presents the epic story of D-Day and the Allied liberation of Paris during World War II.
Price: Rs. 399
Guide to Shakespeare CD
Shakespeare has entertained readers and theatre patrons for centuries. The Guide to Shakespeare from Encyclopædia Britannica examines the Bard’s legacy from Elizabethan England to the present day, uncovering why few authors can match Shakespeare for broad appeal and sheer endurance.
Price: Rs. 399
Britannica Quizmaster CD-ROM
From the editors of Encyclopædia Britannica—the world's reference standard since 1768—comes this fun and challenging quiz CD-ROM.
Price: Rs. 399
Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History CD-ROM
Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History explores everything from African culture to the civil rights movement, from legends in entertainment to sports superstars, and from religious leaders to landmark achievements in science, medicine, and education.
Price: Rs. 399
American History: US Presidents CD-ROM
American History: U.S. Presidents brings together the vast resources of Britannica to provide the information you'd expect about the U.S. Presidents, and some you wouldn't.
Price: Rs. 399
Britannica Biographies: Heroes & Villains
Encyclopædia Britannica profiles the gangsters, humanitarians, pioneers, pirates, politicians, traitors, and other interesting figures who have left their mark on history.
Price: Rs. 399
Friendly Forest Math Club (For Ages 4-7)
The Friendly Forest Math Club educational software program is designed to offer young children a friendly environment in which they can learn numbers and get acquainted with primary mathematical concepts.
Price: Rs. 299
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