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Tuesday, 13 November, 2007, 19:55 ( 17:55 GMT )
Unfinished Buildings in Tripoli Need Attention
There is a new hotel being erected in Ghazala area, and it is called Al-Ghazala Intercontinental Hotel Tripoli. As an observation of the area, having another hotel here would eventually clog the traffic under the bridge, don't you think?
Not Everybody Can Afford to Spend So Much Money
Referring to “The China Syndrom” (Aug. 25-31) I find it a very interesting article indeed and there is a lot of truth in what Dr Fetouri says. However, one must keep in mind that not all people in Libya are well off, or for that matter, not everybody in the world can afford to spend so much money to buy products.
Racist, Dirty Cards
In his comment on “On the Sidelines” (Aug.11-17), A. Bolleri wrote (The Tripoli Post 164), 'Is there a garbage collector that is a Libyan? Or a street sweepers that is a Libyan? Perhaps not.
Libyans should Work Harder, Get More Education
I pity the sad flight of illiteracy in your regular column Let's Chat "on the sidelines"(Aug.11-17). As one teacher told you "what do we need to read and write for?" I am not surprised either in reading about migration of rural folks to the glitter of city lights, because of the amenities and opportunity is highly concentrated in the city.
I was very impressed when reading an article titled “The Language Factor” by Zainab Al-Arabi dated Saturday(Nasser)July 21, 2007, page 6.
After carefully reading through, I feel I should contribute to such a wonderful write up by Zainab for the improvement of the Libyan educational standards.
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