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Friday December 7th 2007
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News analysis: top story
Can a Mormon be president?
Mitt Romney struggles to reassure American voters about his religious beliefs
Also in the news
FINANCE & ECONOMICS: Interest rates
In the bleak midwinter 
Britain cuts rates, Europe does notDec 6th 2007
BUSINESS: Fuel efficiency
CAFE society 
Forcing Americans into smaller cars​Dec 5th 2007
Meddling in the markets 
George Bush's subprime rescue plan​Dec 7th 2007
At a glance
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From the current print edition
BRIEFING: Food prices
Cheap no more 
Rising incomes in Asia and ethanol subsidies in America have put an end to a long era of falling food prices
BRIEFING: Defeat for Hugo Chávez
The wind goes out of the revolution 
Venezuelans have seen the future—and many of them realise that it doesn't work
Getting serious 
Virtual worlds are being put to serious real-world uses—and are starting to encounter some real-world problems
The race is not always to the richest 
Money and effort aren't enough to impart the skills and knowledge needed in a cut-throat world
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Consumer genomics
Taking your genes in hand 
Personal genetic testing is advancing rapidly. But beware of overselling
BOOKS & ARTS: Books of the year 2007
Pick of the bunch 
History, politics, music, business, biography, memoir, letters and fiction. There is something for everyone in this round-up of the year's best books
UNITED STATES: Health care and the presidential race
Arguing over the cure 
Reforming America's health-care system is a thorny election issue
BUSINESS: Video games
World of dealcraft 
The biggest-ever video-game deal shows how the industry is changing
ASIA: India
Don't mention the massacre 
But it still colours Narendra Modi's campaign for re-election in Gujarat
FINANCE & ECONOMICS: Underground markets
America's illicit gun-market is surprisingly inefficient
ASIA: God and the Olympics
The other sports ministry 
The Beijing Olympics raise tricky questions of religious freedom in China
Evel Knievel 
His broken bones earned him millions, but never enough
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America's economy
Mobile telecommunications
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France's economy, Pakistan's politics, Gordon Brown, Australia's politics, Venezuela, The United Nations, Nigeria, North Korea
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Today's views
COLUMN: Tech.view
Dirty little secrets
Why dry-cleaners are becoming wet
Dawn in the desert
Seeing the future at sunset
BLOG: The Economist
The Inbox
Letters to the editor
Special feature
Toronto news
A high rate of poverty, diversity in the schools, a hospital under scrutiny, and more
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In this Week's Economist
The end of cheap food, Iran's nuclear programme, Iraqi refugees, and luxury goods
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The World Next Week
The Economist and the Council on Foreign Relations discuss Argentina's new president; Kosovo's endgame; a new face for South Africa's African National Congress; and the return of Led Zeppelin
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The Economist/YouGov poll
Gauging America's mood, this week with topical questions on health care
Management reading: What's in the journals
Mastering strategic execution, culture's impact on integration, managing energy, and more
The World in 2008
With contributions from the Dalai Lama, Michael Bloomberg, Nicolas Sarkozy and many others
Economist events
A calendar of forthcoming debates, exhibitions and other events around the world
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Sharpen your tongue and join our series of online debates
The Economist audio edition
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Dealers, tennis players, and, of course, Russians​Dec 1st 2007
More than light in China debate​Dec 5th 2007
What the funding scandal really tells us about Britain, its Jews and immigrants in general​Dec 6th 2007
Why are so many charities ineffective?​Dec 4th 2007
Corporate America's long winning streak is over​Dec 6th 2007
Slovenia tries its hand at writing a happy ending for the former Yugoslavia​Dec 6th 2007
A democratic vote is necessary, but not sufficient​Dec 6th 2007
Eliminating witches' knickers, one stitch at a time​Dec 3rd 2007
Why the Republicans should take another look at Arizona's senior senator​Dec 6th 2007
Tight credit could mean choppy markets ahead​Dec 2nd 2007
Why dry-cleaners are becoming wetDec 7th 2007

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