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07 Dec 2007 - 01 Mar 2009
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Messages from current staff
Working at The Economist Group
Training and development
Messages from current staff
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Working for The Economist has been a unique and valuable experience. It's great to be a part of a globally recognized and respected brand. Since working at The Economist, I have had the opportunity to travel from coast to coast and internationally; experiencing tremendous development within my job responsibilities as well as personally. The Economist is continually achieving very high goals in North America and I don't see any sign of it slowing. In a media category that seems to be experiencing flat lines and declines, The Economist is certainly bucking the trend and I'm just glad to be part of the team making it happen.
Bobbi Meyer, PR and brand marketing executive, The Economist Newspaper, New York

What do I like about The Economist Group? It doesn't just have a variety of top-level products; the Group takes personal development seriously, providing all the necessary training and tools to proceed in your career.
J├╝rgen Debusmann, publisher, European Voice, Brussels

I've worked for Economist Conferences in London and New York over the past three and a half years and have found both experiences very gratifying on many levels. I am always made to feel like a valued member of my team and my managers have always taken an interest in my development. The development and training courses on offer are very tailored to specific group needs which I feel is very important. There is great diversity within the group which makes it quite a unique place to work and also a great opportunity to learn from others. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel quite regularly for work which is a nice perk as I get to explore new places and interact with many interesting people.
Carol Mendez, head of Executive Meetings, EMEA, Economist Conferences, London

In this, my eleventh year at The Economist Group, this is a great opportunity to reminisce about my journey. I was one of the first staff on board to launch CFO Asia. From there, we've launched CFO China, CFO India and several other offerings. The core product has been ever evolving, and working with small and flexible teams makes for a satisfying working experience where one's contribution really does count! Employee benefits, intra-networking opportunities and The Economist Group brand are just a few other reasons why this is such a great place to work!
Neerja Sujanani, production & distribution director, CFO Asia, CFO China & CFO India magazines, Hong Kong
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