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Roll Call Inc. is widely considered the leading source for Congressional news and information both inside the Beltway and beyond. Since 1955, Roll Call, an Economist Group publication, has been the newspaper of Capitol Hill, giving Members of Congress a platform to communicate with one another across the aisle and between the chambers.
With solid reporting, influential editorials and columnists, and in-depth analysis of the people, politics and process of Capitol Hill, Roll Call publishes the news you need to know four days a week when Congress is in session -- plus daily updates on our Web site.
Please e-mail us with your questions and comments.
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Roll Call offers unpaid full- and part-time newsroom internships throughout the year. Interns primarily serve as writers, but also pitch in with research, fact-checking and minimal clerical duties. Some previous reporting experience is preferred but not necessary. Please send a cover letter, résumé and clips to Features Editor Amy Carlile by mail or e-mail (avc@rollcall.com). Deadline for internships is Nov. 15 for the winter/spring semester, April 1 for summer and July 31 for fall.
Guest observers
Roll Call publishes opinion pieces related to institutional issues affecting Congress. We generally do not accept pieces advocating for or against legislation or about specific policy issues. Pieces should be 750-1,000 words and must be exclusive to Roll Call. For more information or to submit a guest observer, e-mail editors@rollcall.com.
Letters to the editor
Roll Call publishes letters to the editor that relate to stories and issues in Roll Call. Letters may be submitted to editors@rollcall.com.
Our offices are located just minutes away from the Capitol.
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