Pre-Medical Studies - Georgetown College
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Pre-Medical Studies
Any major and all disciplines
Did You Know?
Georgetown students are admitted to med schools at a rate 20 to 30 percentage points above national averages.
Any student in Georgetown College, with any major, can join the Pre-Medical Studies Program.
College students may apply for early admission to the Georgetown School of Medicine during their sophomore year, providing additional freedom to explore different academic interests as undergraduates.
With a dynamic, forward-looking education in the essential science disciplines, and with an ability to communicate and understand the human experience, springing from a foundation in the liberal arts, Georgetown pre-med students enter medical school prepared for the rigors of medical study and fully engaged in the prevailing issues in health care.

Pre-med students choose majors from all disciplines, from sciences to arts to languages, fostering pursuit of individual academic interests and qualification for medical school admission. Through a demanding science curriculum informed by a vigorous liberal arts context, and through opportunities to explore medicine in clinical settings, Georgetown presents pre-medical studies as sciences fully integrated in society, motivated by a desire to explore and improve the human condition.
Visit the College’s Pre-Medical Studies website for more information on the program.
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