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 Welcome to the Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) for water supply and sanitation ! 
This web site hosts information related to water supply and sanitation, two issues that concern every one of us on a daily basis and play a crucial role in our health and well-being.

The web-site information is both general and specific in nature,  and provides a picture of the state of water supply and sanitation at different scales (global, regional and country), which enables you to “zoom” in and out.  Information is presented in the form of short texts linked to tables, graphs and maps.

"Diarrhoea, which is spread easily in an environment of poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation, kills about 2.2 million people each year, most of them children under five"


The website has just been updated (August 2006) with the most recent set of comprehensive and validated data (2004).

The latest JMP report, Meeting the MDG drinking water and sanitation target: the urban and rural challenge of the decade (2006), and other documents can be consulted and downloaded from this website.
"Access to improved water supply is not only a fundamental need and human right, it also has considerable health and economic benefits to households and individuals".


A short guided visit?
To understand why water supply and sanitation are such important issues, take a few minutes to look at the guided tour.

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