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Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
2/26/2008 Today Governor Stefan Ingves held a speech at the Riksdag Committee on Finance. "I would like to begin in roughly the same way as I did when I was last here – by saying a few words about the objective and basic purpose of monetary policy. It is in the light of this that we make our interest rate decisions."  read more
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2008:1
2/27/2008 The Riksbank’s journal Economic Review discusses subjects related to central banking. The first number of 2008 is published today. It contains six articles, three of which were written to commemorate the fact that last year it was ten years since the Riksbank published the first edition of its Financial Stability Report.  read more
www.riksbank.se will be updated next week
2/25/2008 Next week www.riksbank.com will be updated. Among other things, the website has a new structure, design and a better search engine. One of the aims of the update has been to create a more vibrant start page with more news features. Another aim is that the website should be easy to navigate and the user should be able to find, for instance, educational material and interest rates and exchange rates. Another new feature is that each of the Executive Board members has their own page which contains information about the speeches and articles they have published while at the Riksbank.  read more
Separate minutes of the Executive Board meeting on 12 February 2008
Ingves: Monetary policy with an inflation target
The Riksbank publishes the Material for Assessing Monetary Policy
New calendar information regarding autumn 2008
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
General Council's decision on allocation of net income
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