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16 Jan 2010
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Jens Henriksson, Executive Director for the Nordic-Baltic Countries on the IMF Board

Jens Henriksson is one of 24 Executive Directors at the International Monetary Fund, IMF. During 2008 and 2009 he will represent the Nordic-Baltic Constituency.
”It is a privilege to represent the Nordic and Baltic countries and exciting to have the opportunity to be active in the Fund during the ongoing review of the Fund's role, its function and working methods. I look forward to daily contact with those who will be working with this at the Riksbank and at the Ministry of Finance,” says Jens Henriksson.
Three major issues will mark Jens Henriksson’s time at the IMF. They are the discussion on quotas, the IMF’s budget and a review of the member countries’ economic foundations.
”With regard to quotas, that is the share of ownership and votes that is distributed between the 185 member countries, it is important to see how one can strengthen and give greater legitimacy to the countries with rapid-growing economies in the Fund. With regard to the IMF budget, the Fund should live according to its means. Revenue and expenditure must tally. I will be commenting on the reviews made by member countries and will also monitor the eight countries that are part of our Constituency,” concludes Jens Henriksson.
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Age 40
Family: Three children
Education:  Master of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Economics
Employment: 12 years at the Ministry of Finance, including post of under-secretary of state. Doctoral candidate, Stockholm University, and member of a think tank for international economics, located in Brussels.
Sveriges Riksbank serves as Sweden’s point of contact with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The regular activities are coordinated with the Swedish Ministry of Finance and the Nordic-Baltic Constituency, which appoints one of the IMF’s 24 Executive Directors.
During the period 2008-2009 Sweden will chair the Constituency. The country that holds the chair in the Nordic-Baltic Constituency also appoints the joint representative on the Fund’s Executive Board. Jens Henriksson holds this post as Executive Director during 2008 and 2009.
The IMF is facing a number of challenges in the coming years. Sweden’s aim is that the ongoing reform will reinforce the IMF’s legitimacy and improve efficiency, so that the Fund may continue to promote global financial stability in a good way.

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